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1953 CJ-3A/DJ-3A Helena, AL $2000


Barry spotted this one.

“1953 willys dj3a, with a fiberglass top, super sonic head (very rare), no seats, very good shape not alot of rust.”

1953-cj3a-dj3a-helena-al2 1953-cj3a-dj3a-helena-al3 1953-cj3a-dj3a-helena-al4


4 Comments on “1953 CJ-3A/DJ-3A Helena, AL $2000

  1. Dave from mn

    Is there anything special about a supersonic head. Or is it just a head off a willys car.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dave,

    I didn’t really know either. So a little research yielded the following:
    According to Jayg at the 2A page, the supersonic head “is the high compression version I believe it had about .020 milled off it it changes your compression from about 6.4 to 1 to 7 to 1”

    And this from Lee (MN) also on the 2A page:
    “The Supersonic engine was a L-head jeep engine used in Kaiser Henry J cars, one of the first econo box cars. The combustion area or squish area is different than a standard Jeep head so simply machineing down a standard head will make a difference but will not be the same, other Supersonic differences are the vacume advance dist and a Yf Carter carb on a different intake manifold, I believe the intake was also used on 4 cyl Jeepsers and DJ Jeeps.”

  3. Barry West

    Hello, this Barry. So Dave, this could possibly be a true DJ3A? I’m not interested in it but I hope there is someone out there would appreciate it.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Barry, this is one of the DJ-3A body styles used, but the 4WD suggests it is not stock. There were three different body styles used by the DJ-3A (which confused me greatly during the early years of eWillys).

    1. Standard entry sides and without a tailgate (this was known as the basic dispatcher and came without a soft top … a more expensive version with soft top was also offered)
    2. Standard entry sides with a tailgate (this was the closest looking to the CJ-3A body)
    3. Low cost entry sides with a tailgate (like the one pictured above).

    You can view some DJ-3A brochures via this link:

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