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2 CJ-5s w/ 3Point & Implements Sunbury, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: The seller thought this was a LOVE 3Point hitch (forerunner of the Newgren), but Bob Christy and I can’t identify it. Can anyone else?

Lots of stuff here. The 3point Hitch and mower are the most interesting items to me. Anyone recognize the mower? None of my brochures match it.

“2 CJ5 Willys jeeps for sale. NO. 1 Yellow jeep is ser. no.143416 Not running, stuck engine. Comes with what I believe is a LOVE 3pt hitch and PTO. Looks to be complete with hydraulic unit in engine compartment. Comes with a 3pt mower, scoop and front mount snow blade. Body is rough, frame is good, 4wheel drive components look good. Has a hard top with fiberglass top. No title, farm jeep. Some glass is broken. NO 2 Green jeep is Ser. no. 103879 Stuck, has head off soaking in Diesel fuel. Has a burnt valve, all parts to put back together are there. Has Koenig hard top in good condition. Body is very solid and has had extensive body work done to it several years ago, would not take much to be decent driver. All 4 wheel drive components look good. Frame is good. Gas tank is good. Has bucket seats. Some extra parts included. This one may have a title. Good glass.”












10 Comments on “2 CJ-5s w/ 3Point & Implements Sunbury, OH **SOLD**

  1. Bob

    I don’t think that’s a love hitch, though I could be wrong. Didn’t the Love hitch lift the arms from two pads on the bottom of the arms? Also, there is no PTO box on this, it seems to come right off the PTO itself. It also does not look like a Newgren. Looks kind like it’s own thing to me.

    Check out:

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I agree. And, it doesn’t look like a Newgren or a Monroe to me either.

  3. Bob

    It has a similar build as a newgren but the cylinder is offset and the way it kids the arms is not the same.

    Also look at the mower. Looks like it fits to the hitch with no top link.

    It would not have the same floating characteristics as a standard three point.

  4. Bob

    I’m leaning toward home made as well. I spoke with john Ittle last night and he seems to think so too.

    My question is how do the arms lift? On a newgren they have small tabs that lift the arms. This seems maybe to have a slot in the arm that connects to the shaft that’s being rotated by the hydraulic cylinder.

    Then there’s the issue of arm adjustment, a vital part of a three point system. I see none here.

    Hey Vito! How are you liking the scoop you got from me?

  5. Vito

    Scoop is good showed up about a week or so ago. It looks like the arms raise on a rockshaft. I don’t it could lift a whole lot of weight. Definetly not that cutter. Probably just dragged it around.


  6. Kris kyler

    I bought this jeep and got it running this spring. I have used it a few times to brush hog the fields. I run a 5′ 3 point brush hog that weighs at least 500 lbs. and I can sat that the lift will handle more than the rear springs. Lol. It could be home made but if it was they did a good job.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update Kris. It is great to hear that it is working well for you! I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

  8. Tim justen

    Anyone have any idea who ended up with the yellow Jeep ?
    It was my grandfathers at one time.
    My father made up the 3point so the rear seat could still be used.

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