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No Updates on Tuesday

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We had a long but enjoyable day yesterday. We picked up the DJ-3A, #56337 10538. Naturally, it will needed more work than it showed, partly because whomever owned it before Lloyd beat the thing up. But, the engine spins, the column-shift transmission shifts. and it’s got plenty of original parts to make it work the trip.

We also had a great time viewing Lloyd’s creations, which I’ll feature on Wednesday, and had a great evening with Robin, who shared his collection of jeeps with us.


Yes, that front grille was pushed inward, I have some ideas for pulling it back out again.


The color isn’t quite right on this, but this is pretty close to what it should look like. I don’t believe mine came with the chrome front bumper.


12 Comments on “No Updates on Tuesday

  1. Craig/Vermont

    lay the grill, front side down, on a rug on cement (remove lights first)…place a piece of wood 4″x 4″ cut the width of the grill on the back side…gently ‘massage’ with a maul…don’t ask me how i know this…good luck !

  2. Glennstin

    Well Dave and Ann, You have captured the 538th DJ3A built in late 1955, a first edition 1956 which likely has a speedometer ending in 8. My wrecked Miss Willy is just 40 units before yours, 56337-10488. It’s going to be fun as you sort out your new project. Who knows, maybe Miss Willy’s parts can help. Just down the road from me is stored DJ3A 56337-10679 owned by a CT. guy, and right in my basement is 56337-10715, a parts DJ3A I bought in CT. to help Miss Willy. We have plenty of examples to get you straight. The greatest thing I see here is you have it chained on your trailer. Now the sorting out can commence.

  3. bob

    How fun. Looks fairly complete. Chain one end of the jeep to a tree, use a com along strapped to another tree and maybe a 4×4 inside and ease that grille back into place.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Bill: Yes, the windshield is with it. However, one of the arms is severely cracked, so repairs will be necessary. It also has the vacuum windshield wiper.

    Allan: That color is called Pine Tint (based on what I can tell from the color charts Yes, any repaints will adhere to that color, but initially, due to areas with surface rust, dings, cracks, dents, and sloppy weld repairs, I’ll have to figure out a short term paint strategy. I’ve added a photo of how this should look with the top (no top at the moment).

  5. David Eilers Post author


    It does have a speedometer ending in “8”. The rest of the speedometer looks good, but the needle is gone. So, some rebuilding of that will be necessary.

    I figured out what the strange metal structure under neath the frame was. One look at it and I realized it was the transmission cross member. The old owners must have trashed/bent the old one. Have a tranny cross member any where? Good news. I do have the original parking brake, but the cable snapped in half. I have a bunch of photos I’m readying for tomorrow.

    – Dave

  6. Doug in Ohio

    Looks like a nice project Dave and Ann! And Dave you did an awesome job cleaning and organizing your parents garage.Biscuit should be happy with his new pal! 🙂

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