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Dan’s Military FC Show Next Weekend Sept. 17-18

• CATEGORIES: Event, FC150-FC170-M677

Next weekend Dan’s hosting an FC gathering at his place in Marengo, IL. Though it is branded a military FC event, all FCs are welcome. Contact Dan for more information.


Some of Dan’s FCs are heading for Illinois right now. Here are some of the photos:

dans-fcs6 dans-fcs5 dans-fcs4 dans-fcs3

dans-fcs2 dans-fcs1



20 Comments on “Dan’s Military FC Show Next Weekend Sept. 17-18

  1. Mike

    I know my eye sight isn’t as good as it used to be, but I’m pretty sure what I see is a Airstream mobile home on a extended FC170 Chassis. There must be a story behind this unique vehicle, custom built, factory special order ? The other FC’s although unique, I have seen examples before, but this must be one of a kind,

  2. dan h

    Silver Streak made a few of this style of RV. This is the only one known on a FC, I’ve also seen one on a Gladiator. But most of the reported 23 made were on Hanomag frames. You can find out more by searching for Silver Streak Hanomag.

    Most of my trucks have been in deep storage for a long time. It was great to play with my children and take them for a ride. They are going to like their new home. Should be a pretty good FC show. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    I’m counting 18 FCs… is that right? OMG – incredible 🙂
    Would love to be able to attend the show.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I would be there, too, if it weren’t for the fact I will be spending a couple weeks in a motorhome with my mother-in-law ….. But, who knows. By the end of the first day, I may have abandoned the motorhome. If you see me hitchhiking on I-80 eastbound, please pick me up!

  5. Lew

    Wow. That has got to be the most well represented FC collection anywhere. I would love to see those. Cant imagine the expense to transport them all like that.

    And Dave, if we do see you hitchhiking, do you really want to be picked up by some 40 mph bone-jarring flat-fender driven by some old man with bad hearing, or would you rather we act as if we dont know you and drive right by so you can get scooped up by some Yuppy chick in a comfy BMW 🙂

  6. dan h

    I will have more then this load at the show. I’ve already moved a bunch to the new location.

    I hope a lot of others bring theirs to share too.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Lew … I will take the flat fender. I won’t live long if I am picked up by a yuppy chick in a BMW. Did I mention my wife was a weapons expert in the Air Force????

    Dan, I hope it’s a big success. Have fun!

  8. dan h

    Blaine, you saw the west coast stuff. Now it will be with the east coast stuff. All of it has a new home in the Midwest. Sorry to say I didn’t have enough time to get my 170 DRW backhoe. That’s still in my east coast storage. Just ran out of time to get it all.

  9. Mark C

    I have to ask the question that everyone wants to ask…………….How many do you have?

    I had a hard time finding a good one here in the East


  10. Mike and Christina

    I never knew these existed until recently. We have always had Wranglers. I debated on whether to make the drive and if it would be worth it…until I seen the pictures of all the rigs on the flatbeds. Wow! If that gentleman can go through all that trouble to haul them to Marengo, we can make the drive to come see them. See you Saturday to see our first Jeep FC!

  11. Mike and Christina Cruse

    Just got home from the show… have a puppy at home so we had to cut out early. Wow! Well worth the trip! Very nice folks, excellent location, superb history lesson as we are new to the
    FC model (Wrangler folks) and they offered us a free lunch to boot! What a great way to spend a summer day. If you could not make it out today we would recommend going tomorrow. Can’t wait to learn more about the FC model and if we don’t see you before we will see you next year! Excellent experience! Thank you for all the work you did to have this event. We appreciate it!

  12. Gloria callaghan

    Hi my name is Gloria and we live in Aberdeen Washington. We have a 1969 hanomag silverstreak motor home. We took it on a small trip this summer looking forward to doing more. We have a couple of questions if you would consider talking to us that would be great. I do understand yours is a bit different then mine. Thanks

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