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1942 MB Redwood City, CA $8500


UPDATE: Still Available.

Katey’s is selling their beloved and trust trail-modified MB. It’s listed on the title as a 1942, but the serial number stamped into the dash plates of MB 383180 puts it as a 1944. However, the plate is obviously aftermarket. I’ve suggested she check for the serial number on the frame and body gusset. Contact her at if interested.

“1942 MB with original engine and drive train that has been used as a trail jeep. It is perfect as is or could be converted back to original MB if desired. It does have the matching numbers . As you can see all of the original plates are still on the dash. The body does have a couple spots of rust but not through . I do still have the original back seat that is in good condition we took it out when we put the on board air.

We mostly did 4 wheel drive runs in the jeep or Sunday drives it was by far the most fun vehicle we owned . We only towed by trailer if we took it long distance. I think it only has like 13,000.00 miles on it. We have made a few modifications to it. I have everything listed below that I am aware of.

Modifications made
Roll Bar
Spring over suspension
On board air
Tilt wheel.
Air Brakes
Warn winch”









11 Comments on “1942 MB Redwood City, CA $8500

  1. tomesch

    In description it says air brakes, never saw that on a jeep, what is the attachment on the
    transmission shifter.?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    She might be referring to the hydraulic micro lock when she wrote “air brakes”. It looks like the switch on the gear shift has a wire the extends to a unit underneath the dash. What that does I couldn’t say offhand. Maybe it is related to either the air compressor or the winch??

  3. Bob

    Dave, I believe that is a hand throttle. Utilized during steep climbs while trying to operate clutch and brake simultaneously.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Good guess. I hadn’t thought of that. I can relate to the need for one.

    – Dave

  5. Brian

    The Mico lock uses a second brake master cylinder mounted somewhere on the inside fender. It is powered by vacuum air from the engine. The brake lines are T’ed into the front brake line only and is used only when winching. It is not a legal emergency brake system. The lever on the dash (just left of the steering) activates it.

  6. Brian

    The mico lock uses its own brake master cylinder. It is powered from vacuum from the engine. The brake line is tee’d into the front brake line only. It is used for winching only. It is not a legal emergency brake system. The lever on the dash (just left of the steering column) activates it.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    I’m familiar with the Mico lock. But the question was, what’s the switch on the shift lever? It looks like it is attached to a switch mounted underneath the dash?

    I’ll see if any of my old Four Wheeler magazines has an ad for a Mico lock.

    – Dave

  8. Desert Jim

    Sorry for the delay…:-) Brian, I do not have any literature or brochures from those years. David, I am about 90% sure that the lever on the shifter is a throttle control. My 60 CJ-6 has a similar set up. The part under the dash will have a rod that runs to the gas pedal. The solenoid pushes out the rod. It helps climbing a steep hill when you need 3 legs…LOL

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