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O.E. Szekely-built Ford-Powered 4WD APU **SOLD**

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UPDATE II: Another of these surfaced in 2019.

(12/18/2016) Rudy just purchased this rare and unusual O.C. Szekely-built Ford powered four wheel drive APU. It’s got a an Szekely badge and an O.E. Szekely stamped transmission. I don’t recognize the transfercase, which falls to the driver’s side rather than passenger side.

Thanks to some careful research, Rudy discovered that this vehicle was one of eight deliver to the military on August 25th, 1953. Specifically, “”The vehicle is a specially built two passenger 4X4 truck powered by a FORD eight cylinder engine. . . . A generator mounting chassis, located between the seats, supports the two generators and generator drives” and the “transmission that incorporates the transfer case is designed to transfer engine power to the generator drive”. O. E. Szekely dropped off eight of these vehicles to a shipping service on August 25th, 1953.”

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7 Comments on “O.E. Szekely-built Ford-Powered 4WD APU **SOLD**

  1. Rudy

    Good day to all!
    you are partially correct. Ford V8 292 Yblocks were first introduced to the “civilian public market” in Ford trucks and cars in 1954.
    It’s a Ford 292.
    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!
    You are 100% CORRECT, and I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Don LeDuc

    I have one of these in my late father inlaws yard he had two of them one of which he converted to a 50 ton wood splitter that one was just driven on to a trailer and towed to northern ca to continue splitting wood the other looks similar to this one it is 4wd with ford v8 has one seat on driverside pasenger side has the generator going the the backend to controlbox


  3. Colin

    Rudy- I competed the photos of stock 317 C.I.Lincoln engines and 292 c.i. ford engines. What stands out to me are the valve covers on the Lincoln, which have stamped ridges on both sides of the hold down bolts, the Ford does not have those. The crossover pipe on the Lincoln is identical to that on this generator. The Ford crossover pipe is straight with no curves on either side of the Engine unlike the Lincoln. Just my opinion.

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