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Photos from in Germany

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John found these photos within the Bundesarchiv in Germany and put this history together. Thanks for sharing!

The first one is in Berlin, taken June 1, 1948. the German caption reads:  Amerikanische MP. fährt mit armierten Jeeps und Panzern am Tage der Währungsreform durch die Westsektoren Berlins. (American MPs travel with armed jeep on the currency reform day thru the west sector of Berlin)


The second photo has a similar caption and is dated the same day.


The third one is also in is Berlin, but it is dated in May 1, 1950. It is at the Brandenburg Gate looking into the Soviet Sector from the British Sector, which starts almost behind the jeep. The gate is actually inside the Soviet Sector.


The Gate today, from the opposite side.


These two photos show the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin, This is a short distance behind the jeep and is in the British Sector. Notice the T-34-76 tanks at the front of the Memorial. Until the changeover from reunification, 1990, Soviet troops had guarded the Memorial, but now German police do. Apparently it is also a grave for several thousand Soviet troops.




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  1. Steve E.

    The General Purpose quarter ton truck was just a tiny part of a conflict that affected in some way most of the population of the world. No relic that survived WWII was remembered more than what we know as a Jeep because of its fundamental usefulness and utility. It transported personnel and material to the battle zone, and it brought back all that was still valued. It sent messages, brought supplies, towed trains, plus hundreds of uses even the inventors couldn’t have anticipate. We utilize many of those same mechanical traits in peacetime. It’s important for us to understand the history of our favorite vehicle in order to help us know how to make this vehicle useful to us in years to come. Good on you, John, for helping us understand the history of the beloved Jeep.

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