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1940 Bantam BRC Photo eBay

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This is a great press release photo taken a little more than a week after the Bantam arrived at Holabird for testing. Thanks to Steve for finding it.

One thing I noticed about the photo. See how the dirt from behind the front fender was thrown onto the side of the jeep. I’m wondering if the thing we’ve called the step on the sides was actually not a step at all, but specifically designed as a mud flat to stop that from happening. I just never thought about it in those terms before (maybe I’m just behind the curve on that??).

“1940- Bantam prototype #1 during testing at Camp Holabird Quartermaster Depot.”

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1940-10-03-bantam-brc1-holabird1 1940-10-03-bantam-brc1-holabird2



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