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Roof Palomino Mower Williams Bay, WI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This may have sold. Was on eBay for $20,000.

Craig forwarded this eBay listing for a rare Palomino Mower. It’s listed at $20,000. For that price you can get a restored CJ-2A and a set of mowers to pull behind it.

“This is the very rare mini Jeep “Roof Palomino” made in the Roof factory in Pontiac, Illinois. There were only about 200 of these mini Jeeps made in the 60’s. These were very expensive, costing around $1,700.00 when new, about the same as a new Chevrolet. Therefore, not many of these were sold, as only the wealthy could afford one.

This Palomino is in excellent original condition. It runs really well. It cuts a 5 foot swath with no problems. This could also be used as a golf cart, since the mower deck removes easily. This is a lot of fun to use since it creates so much attention when you are driving around your yard, either cutting grass or golf carting. According to your local ordinances, this could be driven down the street in your community.

It has a hydra static drive, so it is easy to use. This works really good, except the headlights and horn are not working. I never needed them, so I never bothered to have them fixed. There is no rust damage, and it has never been repaired for rust. I have owned this for about 20 years. It has a new 12 volt battery, and it starts right up. It has a large Kohler 2 cylinder engine, with more than enough power to cut tall grass. It is capable of speeds over 25 mph. How cool is that????

This type of vehicle does not require a title or registration. The purchaser will not have to be in a rush to pick it up since I will keep it safe in my garage until arrangements can be made. Look at photos closely and ask any and all questions you may have.”




7 Comments on “Roof Palomino Mower Williams Bay, WI **SOLD**

  1. David

    One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, and never knew it existed until today. But, 20k? That’s a lot of dough to cut grass….

  2. Bob

    They are cool and I’ve been looking for one on the sly for years. I don’t even care if it has a mower deck, but that would be nice.
    $20,000 is WAYYY to expensive for one of these. There were well more than 200 made. A perfect one should be maybe $5,000?

  3. John B Macemon

    Ron I also have a palimino lawn mower. It has been in a shed at our farm for 35 yrs covered in canvas. I have decided to restore it complete. I have it taken apart to the frame. Everything blasted. I have the mower deck and you can still read the belts. It’s been a fun project. Do you have any information on motor parts?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Brady,

    I am sorry, but I don’t have any contact information on this mower nor do I know who bought it.

    – Dave

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