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Brazilian Couple Touring the Globe in a Wagon

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Linho & Vanessa on the Alaskan Highway.

Brazilian married couple Linho Bergamin and Vanessa Zandona Sartori are touring the world in their modified wagon. They plan to travel across five continents over several years. They began their journey in Brazil and have already gone a long ways.

After traveling to Prudoe Bay last month, they made their way south on the Alaskan highway, drove through Canada, and are currently in Toledo, Ohio. From there, they will head to Niagara Falls. According to Vanessa’s Facebook page, they will be in the United States until December, then they will ship the jeep to Africa and continue their trip.

Here is the official Facebook page for the trip. It includes still photos and videos:

I’ve assembled the following maps based on photos they’ve posted on Facebook and a small map they have there as well.

Map 1 of the trip, from Brazil to Colombia:


Map 2 of the trip, from Panama to Prudoe Bay, Alaska:



2 Comments on “Brazilian Couple Touring the Globe in a Wagon

  1. Mike

    What a great way to live life, if only I were a rich man. By the way, what do they do for a living? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not envious of their lifestyle, just curious. As for myself, 67 years old and still working a P/T job just to have the money to keep my Willys Jeeps in running condition. Where did I go wrong?

  2. Lew

    Mike its important to marry money. Of course I learned this late and married for love. P/T jobs for us.

    I would love to see in inside of their wagon, and what is on top. After this many miles I imagine they have their gear finely tuned. Are they sitting on stock seats? Is it a stock engine? What gear ratio? Etc.

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