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No Updates Today


Ann and I have been busy with Rusty today. We removed (no easy task given the damage and rusty bolts) the grille and are ready to straighten it. Ann removed the rear tire, lights, and funky rear tow setup. We bought a battery, changed oil, etc. We learned that the starter spins and the engine turns over smoothly. The fuel pump works, too, but there’s no spark to the plugs just yet (seems to be the points — coil is working).

Here are just a few pics.


The rust areas in the center are rusted through. The cargo area floor has a similar sized rust problem. Both appear patchable. Ann did all this work.


This is my wife’s blood. I told her to stop bleeding on the jeep :-)


My ignition didn’t come with a key and wasn’t stock anyway, so I ditched it. Instead, I rigged up this fender mounted dash with an ignition switch and button starter.


5 Comments on “No Updates Today

  1. Craig/Vermont

    Every jeep I’ve owned has drawn ‘First Blood’ from me…It just goes with the hobby !!!

  2. CraigInPa

    My doctor closely monitors when my tetanus shots are due, knowing that I love working on the rusty metal…

  3. Ted jordan

    My favorite tool besides the trusty gravity gas can is the old points file with a match book cover to clean out the dust when your done scuffing em up!! I bet the old girl woll come right back to life !!! Good luck guys

  4. Craig/Vermont

    I agree, gravity gas can eliminate a lot of issues…when all else fails, drag it around the back yard in 2nd gear…it will often get things percolating, when they won’t start with a battery…

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