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Grilling on Rusty

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On Monday I spent some time testing the engine. After lightly sanding the points, the spark began to work, but the engine still didn’t start. I took a second look at the fuel pump and discovered it in fact wasn’t working. When I checked the bolts to remove it I discovered that the bolts were snug, but not tightened. So, someone at some point looked at the fuel pump.

After further examining the non-stock solex carb, I then removed it (I plan to sell it anyway). That’s when I noticed there was a pool of varnish/gas along the bottom of the intake. I decided I would get all that cleaned up before trying to restart it.

I next turned to the grille. The first two photos show how bad the grille was bent. I can’t image what they hit. Thankfully, the radiator seems to be fine.



Using a variety of strategies, I flattened the grille and straightened the edges. One side smoothed out quickly. In the pic below, you can see the right side too a little extra bending to come out correctly.2016-10-10-grille-rusty-straightened3

Here’s the final result. I’m pleased.2016-10-10-grille-rusty-straightened4

I will still have to repair both sides of the grille where it mounts to the bottom mount. I haven’t decided how I was to repair those areas. Here’s the right side where it mounts to the frame. As  you can see, the metal was cracked.


We returned to Pasco late yesterday. I won’t be going back to Seattle until after Halloween, so I brought back a box of goodies to work on.



7 Comments on “Grilling on Rusty

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Dan: And now I’ve ruined it! 🙂

    Bob: Yep, that’s a part of it. There’s lots of good metal there, so it won’t take much to repair it (mostly just dirty). I was just thinking about how to reduce the wear at those base points. I may add an extra strip to reinforce that area.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Nice Job on the grill and trouble-shooting, Dave!
    It’s great reading about you back to working on your own project 🙂
    BTW, I hope you left that blood stain Ann made on the back of Rusty: that’s bona fide DNA evidence your wife worked on your jeep… a privilege I may never know 😉

  3. Bob

    What you need is a garage at home where you can work on stuff! Not even a
    Garagemahal, just a nice clean, warm place to work.

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