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1945 Press Photo of Jeep w/ Saw

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Another early Press Photo

“This is an original press photo. Post war jeep adapted for peacetime work.Photo measures 10 x 8inches. Photo is dated 07-10-1945.”

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1945-07-10-cj2-buzz-saw1 1945-07-10-cj2-buzz-saw2


12 Comments on “1945 Press Photo of Jeep w/ Saw

  1. Bob

    Note that this is very early as the drum pulley is on the left rather than the right. I’ve only ever see them that way in photos.

  2. Ted jordan

    Right you are Bob , its a totally different Drum Pulley and super rare. Been collecting this stuff for a long time and have yet to come across one. The photo looks like one of the same pics in the Jeep Planning Brochure that Alaska Paul just won a few weeks back ,which is nothing but early CJ2s and early prototypes. Cool picture!!!

  3. Bob

    And check out the top link mounted to a cross bar in the bed. It’s an adjusting link from a three point, but not a monroe three point. This is a different solution then they used later on the Newgren lifts and saws.

    And something else I just noticed. Look at the lift arm on the three point. It’s flat facing up but then twists to being vertically oriented. Very odd setup. I though at first this was a Newgren, but it is not.

  4. Bob

    I suspect this is not even a three point hitch, but rather you lift the whole thing by cranking the top link to raise the saw up.

  5. Bob

    And one more thing! This photo is dated July 1945, but look at the lack of leaves on the trees and the way the guys are dressed. I’d bet this photo was taken during the winter of 1944/45. A very early photo indeed. Maybe even taken very late fall 1944.

  6. Ted jordan

    After looking back in the Jeep Planning Brochure def the same pic. One of the many early Jeeps covered ,solid disc wheels , Left Hand Drum Pulley ,Full Floating Rear End ,Spare Tire position ,and Military Windshield slides

  7. Bill Norris

    The license plate is the 1492 D 5 Ohio plate. That makes this CJ2-03 and X-27. This one was used at Cesor Farms in New Hudson, MI. I believe that is Harvey Hill facing the camera.

    According to Fred Coldwell’s description of the picture, the saw is attached to the drawbar by three lower legs. 2 pinned to the outside for sideways stability and an upper adjustable for vertical stability. This top adjustment allows the saw to be cranked up for transport. He states that the saw itself was designed to be used with a tractor 3-point hitch.

    The picture was most likely taken in the fall of 1944. For whatever reason, Willys-Overland released a bunch of the CJ2 pictures to the press in July 1945 leading up to Jeep Day, the official day the civilian Jeep was brought to the market. I don’t understand that because the CJ-2A was already in production since June. I would have thought they would want to represent the actual model that was going on sale. Maybe they didn’t have enough action shots of 2As by that point?

    Last I heard, none of the left hand pulley drives have been found as of yet. A set of front bumper weights were found near Cesor Farms, but that was all that I am aware of.

    Hope that helps,

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