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VW Body Loaded in Wagon

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Mike shared this pic of a VW he loaded in the back of a wagon many years ago. I’m still hoping for an explanation :-). To paraphrase the USPS, if it fits it ships?



3 Comments on “VW Body Loaded in Wagon

  1. Mike

    Back in 1969, the dune buggy craze was in full swing. At the time I was driving a FJ3A Fleetvan doing a early morning newspaper delivery route when I noticed a VW body on the front lawn of one of my customers. Just so happened that I needed some body parts for my 1962 Bug, so I asked about it and they were just too happy to get rid of it. Never one to pass up a good deal, talked to my buddy, Georgie the “K” and together we stuffed it in the back of my Willys wagon, cabled it to the front bumper of the wagon and kept a lookout for the cops on the way home. We got lucky with no incidents. A couple of months later, found another bug by the railroad tracks, draged that one home too. Took off the parts I needed and put the rest of bodies out by the curb for the city clean week. Those were the days when life was young and oh so mellow. What happened? today the dream police are on the beat.

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