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1952 Wagon Coarsegold, CA $5000

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Seller rebuilt this while caring for his terminally ill wife. Brakes went out, so he’s selling it at a bargain price.

“Please READ this is a before accident PICs I flipped this car and needs repair…if your interested send me an email and I’ll send you PICs of damage. After having a test drive my brakes went out…I’m selling as a fixer upper…$26000 in receipts.

98 % complete needs a few final touches…Everything gone through…no rust, new paint inside and out, rubber, glass, headliner, white wall tires new or replated chrome original radio…rewired 12 volt system and electric wipers. Everything else is back to stock much more replaced. It has the F-6 161 Hurricane 685 Engine very rare 1952-1955. Sandblasted to bare metal professional paint job. This was a project I did while taking care of my terminally ill wife, she has passed and it is why I’m selling it. I’m willing to negotiate with shipping. A perfect parade vehicle…the PICs speak for themselves…I can email more. ”

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8 Comments on “1952 Wagon Coarsegold, CA $5000

  1. Mike

    Beautiful wagon at a bargain price, in my opinion, worth a lot more. The paint job is a superior example of base coat – clear coat re-finish 2 stage paint job.

  2. Mike

    I don’r read anything that states that damage was done when the brakes failed. Flipped? that’s a stretch… My impression is that after being a care giver and suffering the loss of a loved one, too many memories associated with the wagon, reason for selling.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    No worries Mike. Somehow I managed not to include that text in my version of the post.

  4. Dan B.

    Wonder how tweaked the frame is. Say the body needs to be completely replaced. You could put a nice body on this frame and transfer over all of the trim and little pieces.

    In my opinion, it’s courageous to invest in a high dollar paint job that’s not stock (when the rest of the rig is stock). That said the custom paint (pre-roll) came out beautifully and everyone can do whatever they want with their Willys.

  5. Mike

    Another short story to deal with this subject. Back in the 1960’s, (Oh no, Not Again) There was a International Harvester Truck, Willys Jeep Dealer in Passaic, NJ by the name of Golden Sales & Service. Old man Morris Golden always walked around with coveralls and greasy hands. You could say he was a “Hands on” type of guy. Then there was his son Geoffrey, every day he wore a suit & Tie with an overcoat, even in the summer, a overcoat. Anyway, Old man Morris had the gift of gab, (even with the cigar in his mouth) and being the great salesmen that he was, Took in a lot of trades on old clunkers including an old rusted early 50’s wagon that sat on his lot for years, just couldn’t get rid of it. Well, as luck would have it, Morris had sold a new Willys wagon to Passaic Park News service back in 1962, and some years later, the owner rolled it and traded in on a Wagoneer. Well, Morris, being the wise man that he was, viewed this as an opportunity to “kill 2 birds with one stone”. He cut out the entire passenger side section and roof panel from the old wagon and welded it into the new 1962 wagon. WA-LA! painted it red & white and sold it for a nice profit. Where there’s a will there’s a way, end of story.

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