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Amazing 1962 CJ-5 Call for Price

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UPDATE: George still has this jeep for sale.

Sell-a-Jeep TV put together this video of a mint CJ-5. The clip is narrated by George Baxter of Army Jeep Parts and filmed by Mark Smith’s son, Tom . If you are interested in buying the jeep, contact him at Check out the dual spool winch!

For pics, go here:


11 Comments on “Amazing 1962 CJ-5 Call for Price

  1. Steve Elkins

    That’s a nice little CJ-5! For some reason, I don’t believe this is a “time capsule”. It looks to me like a well cared for older restoration. Thanks, Bob. I was curious about the price.

    **Steve E.**

  2. Mike

    Not doubting his word that it’s original, but the paint looks TOO GLOSSY to be ORIGINAL. Back in 1962, Kaiser Willys was not known for it’s high quality paint jobs. The paint on Willys vehicles always looked DULL compared to other new vehicles of that time period. I can remember dealers buffing them out before delivery because of this dull look.

    Once again, may I point out, beautiful vehicle commanding a high price, may well be worth it, but if no one is willing to pay the price, then what is it really worth. As JOE “D” from CHIEF PONTIAC used to say, “MONEY TALKS, NOBODY WALKS”.

  3. Bill Shaw

    I’d suspect it’s a gloss coat like we used on boats – gives it the high gloss look. If he’s parting it out I could used a front seat (ha ha) I think that’s the one I saw at the Picnic last spring

  4. Jon

    This was for sale a few years ago for about $42k. Looks nice but I guess too much $, otherwise it would have sold.

  5. rick hadlock

    what will you take? I have alittle $$ in a time capsul buried in the yard and would love to own this jeep

  6. Dave

    That’s about 20 years too new for that price. But it is a cool jeep if you don’t tell people you paid $30k for it. 😉

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