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1959 DJ-3A Surrey Valley View, Tx $8900


UPDATE: This is a DJ turned into a Surrey. Still Available.

(07/20/2015) “Pink & White with 2 tops, open surrey and Bestop with doors,heater,original I-134 engine, seat belts,original turn signals.price is firm”


3 Comments on “1959 DJ-3A Surrey Valley View, Tx $8900

  1. Bill

    I emailed the seller for some more info on the jeep, He told me they rebuilt a plain DJ3A into a surrey lookalike. He is now advertising it on Willys Tech that way. Very nice gentleman, and I am sure he isn’t trying to pull a fast one on anyone. I think at his price he should have no problem selling it as long as it looks and runs as good in person as it does in the pics.. I don’t know about the floor shift, whether that was original or someone added it later, as I thought all DJ’s were column shift. But as we have found, never say NEVER or ALWAYS when discussing the DJ.

  2. Kevin

    I’ve talked to Fred as well, he has owned many Jeeps and rebuilt them. He had this one done for his wife, but they are retired now and is selling his vehicles. I doubt that he is trying to pull the polyester over anyones eye’s.

  3. missuson

    Nice looking ol DJ. I would be worried about the spare tire mounted to tailgate without any support on inside. I think the M38 style brace or any bracing would be warranted to keep tailgate from deforming or spare from just falling off the rear. I would hate to behind it when it decided to let go. All production Surrey’s in US were column shift, but not all DJ’s were. many came with floor shift T96. Rear seat is from the CJ, door frames were not part of the top kit, the door skins just snapped in place. Door frame would have been OK, but hard to roll up when you wanted the open feel. would like to see eng compartment.

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