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1961 CJ-5 Clovis, CA $13,900


This has 8500 original miles.

1961-cj5-clovis-ca-0 1961-cj5-clovis-ca-1 1961-cj5-clovis-ca-2

“This Jeep has sat in a climate controlled warehouse, fully mothballed and covered, since about 1981. It’s an original California car, originally owned by Jess Rodman, owner of Rodman Chevrolet in Fresno, way back in the 1950’s and 60’s. The Rodman family also developed their ranch into what we now know as Sunnyside. This was his “ranch toy”, and it rarely went anywhere. When he was too sick to work, he sold the dealership to Gene Ford, who re-named it Frontier Chevrolet. This Willys Jeep came in the package. It pretty much got put away and never taken out again. It has 8,500 (eighty five HUNDRED) miles and is in unbelievably complete original condition.

Mr Ford’s estate finally decided to sell the entire Gene Ford classic car collection, including this pristine Willys. My job was to get it out of storage and totally drivable, and to keep it as completely original as possible. Three plus decades of sitting had taken their toll on the accessories. Had to replace the water pump, fuel pump, all the brake hydraulics, battery, starter (repair), Pack wheel bearings, change oil, replace plugs, flush and refill the engine oil (straight 30 weight is called for…that’s what we put in), filters, flushed the cooling system and flush and repair the fuel tank. We aired up those perfect “time capsule” bias ply tube type off road tires, fired it off, made some adjustments, and this Jeep drives absolutely as new. A video of the running Jeep is on YouTube. Click here: 

1961-cj5-clovis-ca-3 1961-cj5-clovis-ca-4
to see and hear it purring like a new car.

This “time machine” is appraised to bring $21,000 at a classic car auction. I have authority to get a quick sale at just under $14,000. It is extremely unlikely that another 61 Willys Jeep exists to even approach the originality and low use of this gem of a Jeep. You could drive it anywhere. But I would hope the buyer would preserve it carefully, while driving it enough to keep everything fresh.

Car was last registered in 1983. California DMV has deleted their records of the car. They want a notarized bill of sale, a signed and notarized DMV form 262, and an application for duplicate title. We will provide all of those things, plus a letter from the probate attorney authorizing the signer to release title. You will need to take it to a DMV office to be “verified” before you can complete the registration. You can request to keep the black & gold plates, which I strongly recommend, since they went on shortly into the car’s life. If you are taking it out of state, those same documents will work anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for a true Jeep enthusiast. This car was built by Kaiser-Willys, who made many of the WW II Jeeps. They sold out to American Motors in 1962, and the mechanicals became Nash Rambler parts. This is so rare, it is impossible to communicate its uniqueness and value. Please call show contact info or reply to this ad, to make arrangements to see and drive this amazing survivor.”



4 Comments on “1961 CJ-5 Clovis, CA $13,900

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Now that I’ve taken a closer look, I think you are right. There’s some over spray on the SN plate and some of the electrical wiring is the body color. It probably means the mileage isn’t as low as suggested by the seller.

  2. Minnesota Chris

    Yeah, I noticed the repaint right away and there are no decals on valve cover or air cleaner. Wonder why they didn’t use a factory grab bar instead of drilling new holes in dash

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