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1951 M-38 Oroville, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

(10/24/2016) It’s an ex Forest Service jeep.

“1951 M38 Barn find. Has been sitting inside since 1970. This jeep has never been licensed or registered for the road. It was bought at government auction and put away. As seen in pictures, there is a US Forestry plate riveted to the dash. This jeep was given to the Forestry where it was used and then sold at auction. It is rust free. Beautiful hat channel underneath. It has 28,000 original miles. It is 6 volt. I have all the original 24 volt generator, distributor, voltage regulator that goes with it. It is just the way the government sold it. It runs like a top. Absolutely beautiful.

Has original gas tank, all cleaned out and small repair. Still has the screen in the gas tank. The only thing that appears to have been added, or possibly put on by the Government before the sale, are the rims and the motor. Motor # does not match the body #. No bondo. No repairs have been made to the body. Brake master cylinder needs to be repaired or replaced. A brand new one comes with the jeep. Carburetor brand new rebuild. New battery, water pump. Ready to go. Call for more info $6,500 Would consider a partial trade for WWII jeep.”

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15 Comments on “1951 M-38 Oroville, CA **SOLD**

  1. Doug in Ohio

    Nice looking jeep.Seller states that engine number does not match,it may not be an m38 has the wrong cylinder head.

  2. Brian

    The M38 head is similar to the 2A and 3A. Will have a different casting number on it. The block serial # should be MCXXXXX.

  3. Doug in Ohio

    The one easy to spot difference on an M38 head is the bypass fitting on the front of the head.The serial number of the block stamped above the water pump could either be MCXXXXXX or RMCXXXXX for a remanufactured block.I am no expert,but if I remember correctly the M38 head is the only one with the bypass fitting in the front.

  4. Doug in Ohio

    The only reason I know that much about an M38 engine is that I have one in my GPW at the moment.I got it in a ’48 CJ2A frame.I had the engine for a while before I discovered the MC serial number and did some research. 🙂

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Wait, which Dave? Me Dave? If I could sell the stuff by the pound, then 20 tons (correction, I just noticed in the new ad that the part tonnage has dropped to 4 tons) of parts might just be worth a lot! But, I see a lot of weight and not so much value (at least $44,000 worth of value). At least the semi-trailer is free … lol. Now, if there was a DJ-3A dry air filter in there, then that would be a whole different story!

  6. mbullism

    Just to clean things up a little… the “R” in RMC is Replacement, an additional run of engines supplied with the M38’s under the same Gov’t contract. Basically a crate engine. The serial numbers were sequential with the MC blocks, in that when it came time to produce RMC blocks they simply added the “R”…ie” MC105101, MC105102, RMC105103-

    The same head was used on both M38’s and 3A’s, the only difference being the boss on the front of the head was not drilled and tapped for 3A’s. As such, a civilian “800376” casting can be ‘militarized’ by drilling, tapping, and installing the hose nipple (ask me how I know, lol). The head in the pics doesn’t have the nipple installed, but in one pic does appear to have the casting boss for it… it may be the right head for an MC engine, but wearing civy clothes-


  7. mbullism

    …or they may have plugged the outlet for some reason when they replaced the waterpump. Can’t see well enough in the pic, and pure speculation on my part… but looks like the boss IS there

  8. Brian

    Yeah Dave, I don’t see that much value there. Didn’t notice many WW2 parts either. Thanks for the info mbullism.

  9. Doug in Ohio

    thanks for correcting my incorrect statement mbullism. replacement,not remanufactured,I had a brain fade.:) thanks for the link Brian,I sometimes forget exactly where I found detailed info.

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