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MB? & CJ-3A? Espanola, NM $900


Could have some parts value.

“I have two early model willys jeeps. One is complete with an engine the other does not have an engine. Asking $900 for both or $500 each. ”



4 Comments on “MB? & CJ-3A? Espanola, NM $900

  1. Barry West

    Is that a spare tire mount on the left side of the red one? The picture is really bad but the red one appears to have gas can holders on the rear. But which one is the MB? I don’t have enough visual knowledge yet to tell the two apart.

  2. Minnesota Chris

    The red one is the mb. Notice the glove box and floating rear axle. It would be nice to see more pics and close ups

  3. Barry West

    You’re right but that still looks like a spare tire mount on the left side above the left rear wheel well. A lefty MB? Or just an add on? One never knows. Thanks Minnesota Chris and I tried to contact for more pics but no answer.

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