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And Then My iPhone Landed in My Soup ….

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This story deserves a much longer telling, but let me cut straight to it. I’m in Seattle to work on Rusty. I dropped my iPhone in a bowl of Pho Soup. Not good. I rushed home and set it up to dry. Shortly afterward, I removed Rusty’s heater, only to find someone had built an expansive home inside the heater. This explains some of the missing cushion from the seats. As I was taking pics with the Nikon, the battery died. So, I turned to my computer, but the photos were much worse than I imagined. Not a great tech day.

On the bright side, I tested the heater fan and that works. Also, my phone seems to be drying out … finally.

As you can see below, the inside of the heater is almost entirely filled with stuff:


And this is how it looked after that stuff was removed (and after my iPhone started working a little better). I now need to remove debris from the fins and repair the lower tube.


I also disassembled my speedometer. The rod that powers the pointer had broken. I will see if there is any way to repair it. The part looks awfully like later speedometers, so there may be hope for replacing it, but I first have to disassemble the front plate from the mechanism. Based on what I’ve read, it might never work quite right. But hey, it doesn’t work quite right anyhow!




8 Comments on “And Then My iPhone Landed in My Soup ….

  1. Idaho Todd

    Hi Dave. My speedometer I’m my high hood did the same thing. My wife actually took it to a jewelry shop and had them repair it. It worked great! Sorry about your “isoup”…

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Blaine: That’s the first thing Ann said to me, which I knew she would say. I kept the phone upright and used some electronic cleaner on the iPhone jack. It seemed to do the trick, because it is working great this morning.

    Todd: iSoup … I love it, but I shall NOT try to make that again 🙂 … The jewelry shop is a great idea!

    Steve: I don’t know what is worse. Dropping my phone into the soup or having to tell Ann that I dropped my phone into soup. Now, anytime we eat soup together. I will hear a lecture about how I shouldn’t eat soup and read my phone at the same time!

  3. Bill Norris


    You’re lucky it was just the soup bowl and not the big porcelain bowl like so many people at work seem to do. I lean lots of new words when that happens.


  4. Colin Peabody

    iPho soup. Never tried that! Ruined a good digital camera a few years ago when my son dropped it in our pool. Left it drying in rice for several day, but the camera never did work right after that.

    The day I got our Surrey delivered, the speedometer needle went nutso and spun itself off the gimbel. Tried to see if I could fix it, gave up, but did find one on eBay that actually worked and is still working. I took the odometer out of my speedometer and put it in the eBay unit and it works fine. You might try eBay if all else fails. That does seem to be a weak point on those speedometers. Yours is unique, as it reads to 8 so you might not be able to find one of those.

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