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1946 VEC CJ-2A Saint Clairsville, WV Make Offer


Has square bolt heads on the windshield, indents, and a column shift. The VIN is supposed to be 17093, which is high for the square heads.

“1946 Willys Jeep CJ2A. First civilian Jeep Model. 4WD (Low and High) and 2WD. Three on the tree manual transmission. Flat-head four motor with all original parts with a 6V electrical system.

Does not run, motor is seized. The entire vehicle needs a TON of work. Would be a full restoration project with complete tear down and rebuild. Its been in storage in weather free storage for 12 years. Prior to that, it was barn stored. I entered ‘salvage’ condition above because there is not a “poor” option.

I’m taking offers with no certain price point in mind yet.”

1946-vec-cj2a-saintclairsville-wv-0 1946-vec-cj2a-saintclairsville-wv1 1946-vec-cj2a-saintclairsville-wv2 1946-vec-cj2a-saintclairsville-wv3 1946-vec-cj2a-saintclairsville-wv4


6 Comments on “1946 VEC CJ-2A Saint Clairsville, WV Make Offer

  1. sean


    It was consistent, to the extent the research disclosed.

    If you were thinking the square washers were only on the early MB style windshields, that’s not the case.

    Willys did not FULLY document the different windshield assemblies. The parts list show only 2 distinct windshield assemblies: the MB style and later lollipop style.

    But in reality there was a 3rd, intermediate, undocumented windshield, which had characteristics of both the earlier and later styles.

    Years ago I wrote a page describing the differences.

    In researching it, all owners who had rigs in the 15304 to 22xxx range (a couple of dozen at most) reported square washers.

    Highest known S/N was 22something. All above 23xxx had round washers

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I’m not sure why I thought they were only on the earliest of jeeps. Thanks for correcting that!

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