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Just A Few Updates Tonight

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On the Ann front: 

She hasn’t gotten any better, but hasn’t gotten any worse. She still spends most of the day in bed. We believe that there’s a problem related to neck muscles, nerves, and upper vertebrae. Their interrelationship seems to be causing both the nausea and the pain in her head. She’s had several physical therapy appointments that have helped isolate the area that seems the root of the issue, but it could take quite a bit of therapy to loosen that area.

On the Rusty front:

A couple days ago I bought an NOS 0-9 1956-1957 speedometer face and engine on eBay. If for some reason I can’t get my speedometer fixed, I will go with this. And, if I do get it fixed, then I am sure I can easily sell this. You can see these are pretty close in style, even using the same pointer (which I wasn’t sure how I was going to find it).

0-9 that I just bought:


0-8 that I have:


While in Seattle the past few days I ran across a fantastic deal on a welder and blasting cabinet. I jumped on them and got both setup. The cabinet (a nothing-fancy Harbor Freight model) should work fine for cleaning parts.


Based on the reviews I found, this Clarke 130EN Mig welder should be good for repairs on the body. Apparently, anything thicker than a 1/4″ is too much for it, but I have an old-fashioned stick welder to tackle those issues. It came with everything you see, including a full bottle of Argon, an extra reel, two masks, cart, and other items.clark-130en-mig-welder

On the Biscuit front:

I found this chevy scatter shield in Pasco a couple weeks ago. I took it with me to Seattle. It was by far the best price I’ve seen on one, primarily due to the holes in it. It was used by an old sand jeep dragger.

While I was in Seattle, I formed a cover plate for the hole that spans the bottom and bolts in place (plate not shown). I plan on patching the side with some 1/4″ steel. I’ve been waiting for quite some time to get a scatter shield. Now I can begin to reassemble it (with a few mods).

scattershield-pic2 scattershield-pic1



6 Comments on “Just A Few Updates Tonight

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Thanks for the update on Ann, we all hope she gets better soon.
    And good luck with your jeep repairs, Dave. Try not to skin your knuckles.

  2. Bob

    I hope for Ann’s speedy recovery!

    That’s the exact same welder I have. Made in Italy. It’s been a great tool for me. And yes, anything thicker than 1/4″ is a bit much for it. For thicker stuff I use my Tig.

  3. Craig B.

    Here’s to a speedy recovery Ann. Nothing worse then not feeling good and no immediate relief available. I had a Clarke but couldn’t get it to run like I wanted so I bellied up for the big Blue (Miller) and never looked back. That .023 wire seems to work best for bodywork. Great to feel that progress. It motivates everything!

  4. Colin Peabody

    We hope Ann can get some relief through whatever means she can. We will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.
    Good progress on your search for parts. I think the speedo you bought, if it is a 56-57, or later is probably from a station wagon or truck or later DJ3A??? The 56-57 DJ3A unit should be like the one you got with Rusty.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    So sorry to hear Ann isn’t feeling any better, especially as the Holidays are upon us. Jan and I wish her pain relief, progress, and happiness to come… such a trooper: we’re praying for her.
    Always good to hear of Biscuit and Rusty progress… and a new welder that came with Argon: I’m a bit jealous 😉
    Thanks to Craig B for the tip about 0.23 wire. I was stuck in the mindset that I needed to say with 0.35 on my Lincoln 140.

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