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1964 DJ-3A Pleasanton, CA $8900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/11/2016) While it looks in great shape, it isn’t quite as stock as the seller would like to claim. There are lots of little things (seats, top, parking lights. and hubcaps for starters. It also appears to have a Corvette air cleaner (chrome — these aren’t cheap) rather than a black painted air cleaner. The shape of the air cleaner looks correct.

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“Restored California Jeep with Minor Upgrades
No Major Body or Driveline Modifications

Perfect for the Cabin, Beach House, or Just a Local Weekend Jeep!
Simply stated, this is a, extremely nice example of the increasingly rare Jeep convertible. We often see Jeeps listed for sale but typically they are, to put it mildly, in less than good condition. Rarely do we see an example of a nice California restored Jeep DJ-3A. This is one such example.

This particular Jeep retains the proper L-134 4 cylinder engine and the floor shift 3-speed transmission.

While the engine and transmission have not been replaced with large, inappropriate units, a benefit to true enthusiasts and collectors, it is the car’s overall condition that make it especially appealing. When the Jeep was restored, it was brought back to its former glory with only minor cosmetic modifications or changes from stock. No large, over-sized mud tires, added gauges, sound system or other modifications were added to the car and it remains basically in the same basic configuration as it would have been seen in 1964.

The Jeep has been very well cared for in the months since its restoration, and it shows. The car has been adult owned and has no signs of ever been abused or mistreated. When restored, the Jeep received a complete re-paint in a striking metallic blue and a quality canvas blue and white striped top was fitted along with rear, matching cushions. New seats were added along with new seat belts, the dash was painted to match and, while the Jeep was disassembled, the entire inside was treated with bed liner to protect it from rust and give it a lovely appearance.

Overall, this is one of the strongest running and driving examples that we have seen in many years. The photos accurately depict the high quality of the body and paint, interior and engine / trunk areas. The car is free from the typical Jeep rust and even California buyers will be amazed at the lack of rust on the underside, rocker panels, trunk, engine bay, doors and other typically rust affected areas on the Jeep.

Chrome bumpers were added and they fit well and are perfectly straight and free from damage or rust. They do not show the light pitting or discoloration often seen on cars from other parts of the country where exposure to moisture and the elements have discolored all of the exterior chrome and other trim. The car’s body is truly in great shape and we continue to get remarks that the car has the appearance of being freshly refurbished / restored.

The Jeep received a new, high quality complete re-paint and is really striking. The metallic paint is high gloss and free from accident damage. The paint is free from cracking, peeling or any damage that detracts from the appearance and charm of the Jeep. The sides, rear cargo area and inner portions of the Jeep are straight and free from signs of rust, or damage. Perhaps most important, the Jeep’s body is free from modifications. The top has been recently replaced in high quality fabric similar to that found on the original Jeeps used as resort or beach vehicles and the top structure was restored and painted to match the body color. Rear cushions on either side add a nice touch and are upholstered in the same, color coordinated material.

The front windshield is free from any cracks, and in very good condition. The front windshield folds down when the top is removed for complete “open air” motoring. The chrome latches hold the hood down.

The interior is very simple and is fitted with two new matching seats that while not original are more comfortable and very attractive. The Jeep is also fitted with new seat belts. The dash is not cut-up like so many we see and includes some of the original gauges, switches and other items, including an opening on the left side of the dash for a radio (one is not fitted at this time but could easily be added). The interior is finished with bed liner for durability and front rubber mats accent the front drivers and passenger’s sides of the DJ-3A.

The windshield wipers are vacuum operated, turn signals and brake lights work and the speedometer is functional as well.

Jeep fans will tell you that rust is a major culprit with older examples but, as a result of this car’s long life in California, there are no signs of rust / rust through.

The wheels are chrome with body color center hubcaps that provide a nice touch. The wheels / tires are 14″ fitted with new matching steel belted radial in 205/75R14.”


6 Comments on “1964 DJ-3A Pleasanton, CA $8900

  1. Colin Peabody

    Serial # 8202 24421 makes this a 1964 model. I will add this to our database. A very nice but certainly not original, example of a DJ3A. The air cleaner may be a DJ3A that has had the top chromed??

  2. Glennstin

    Special Note: Way down in the ad be sure to see the $195 FEE added. The wheels are common 14 inch 6 cyl. Mustang or Falcon. Floor shift tns. may be correct. It is about the value of Miss Willy (56337 10488) when I had it shipped out of Fulsom, CA, though the paint is better.

  3. Alaska Paul

    In the third paragraph from the end of the ad you’ll find “The Jeep retains the stock carburetor that was recently changed…” (What?) and the next sentence “twin carburetors, stock air cleaner arrangement and virtually of the original style components.” Huh? This ad reads like a creative writing assignment gone bad.

  4. Mike

    These long, rambling, descriptive listings always piss me off, counter-productive. Instant tip off that this is a high pressure dealer. That was my hunch, check out his listing, 3 Porches for sale also.

  5. Colin Peabody

    Interesting to note that this is advertised out of Pleasanton, CA, which is the home of GoodGuys, Inc. A possible connection maybe??

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