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1960ish MItsubishi Jeep Mailer on ebay

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Here’s an unusual mailer for the Mitsubishi jeeps.

“Original part color folder , 8.5 x 4 folded , 8.5 x 12 unfolded , has many pieces of tape at tears at folds , has some small tears at the edges , has a rub mark with paper loss on the cover in an area about 1 x 1 inch.”

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1960ish-mitsubishi-cj3b-brochure1 1960ish-mitsubishi-cj3b-brochure2 1960ish-mitsubishi-cj3b-brochure3


3 Comments on “1960ish MItsubishi Jeep Mailer on ebay

  1. Mike

    looking at the sales brochure, here is another example of a Willys wagon I’ve never seen before, looks to be a 3B nose. Amazing how many re-dos have been done to these Willys vehicles. I thought the Urban Willys wagon was unique with it’s somewhat radical nose job, I liked it. This one “3B” seems to be a more conservative re-do. I would imagine these are right hand drive, but looking at the pictures, all are left hand drive. Mitsubishi is Japan, go figure! Any of you have thoughts on this?

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I dunno, Mike, but I sure like that wagon… pretty cool. I kind of thought we’d hear from Minnesota Chris on this; him being a 3B guy (although the Mitsubishis are probably not technically 3Bs).

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