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1945? MB/M-38 Oracle, AZ $6500


Looks to be a mix of parts. Has full floating rear hubs.

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“I don’t know much about these Jeeps. I recently acquired this Military vintage Jeep from the previous owner who obviously put a lot of effort in restoring this vehicle both mechanically and body. A few after market refinements were put in place including: electric fuel pump, alternator, turn signals, back-up lights, gauges, exhaust. Looks like the entire drive train has been gone through. It starts and drives great, 4WD works, brakes well, solid steering, good clutch etc. Looks to have a full floating rear axle, front locking hubs, wheels and tires in great shape.

I am not sure what model this is. It has a split front windshield which I think was used on 40’s vintage Jeeps but the body has a dash plate with 4/52 as delivery date manufactured by Willys Overland, Toledeo, Ohio. The Title has the date of 05/1945 as “date first registered”, so I have used the Title date for the year. Perhaps it is a combination of various vintage components. I have found no rust. The body is sound, paint job looks like it was done crudely though. The frame and undercarriage is clean, solid and either powder coated or newly painted. Again, no rust on the underside. It has a clear title, current license/registration and roadworthy.

I’ve noticed a few things it could use:
The parking brake is not attached. The part is with the truck but not installed/ functioning.
The apparently aftermarket electric windshield wiper is not working.
When I got his last September it was not leaking anything. Recently it is dripping motor oil at the oil pan/bell housing. I suspect the rear main seal is not doing its job, apparently a common problem with these jeeps.

I’ve only driven this jeep about 50 miles since I got it 3 months ago. I don’t know much about these vehicles and I only know basic mechanics so I’m not much help to answer technical questions or to provide a history of repairs. Also have this listed on Ebay.”



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