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1947 Wagon Boston, MA $11,500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/22/2016) This is an UNRESTORED wagon. It has a few very minor blemishes, but still looks amazing.

“This is a very well preserved and solid unrestored vehicle that appears to have spent most of it’s life in the South. It has new springs, shocks and wiring making it a solid feeling and comfortable driver. The stock 4 cylinder engine is quiet and smooth running. There are chips and scratches in the paint, showing natural patina for it’s age. Not perfect but too nice to restore. Right now there is a loose vacuum connection causing the wipers to not work and it wants to wander indicating it does not have the correct toe-in setting. Also the passenger window is cracked. Three things I haven’t got to. These were bad rusters but except for a couple of minor issue all the usual problem areas are in unusually excellent shape. Parts, if needed, are readily available from vendors and on E-Bay. It’s a fun, simple vehicle to tinker with.

I’ve looked for this vehicle for over 30 years just because I liked how it looked. Turned out it’s a much more solid and better driver than expected. Problem is I’m also another 30 years older, all ready have too many cars and should be down sizing. There are two cars ahead of this one I’m working on so it will be a while before I get to it if I ever do.

So, reluctantly, I’m putting it on the market for a fair price for what it is and for what I have into it. If you have ever been interested in these early 2 wheel drive wagons this may be the last one you will see in this shape and price range for the next 30 years.”

1947-wagon-boston-ma1 1947-wagon-boston-ma2 1947-wagon-boston-ma3


6 Comments on “1947 Wagon Boston, MA $11,500

  1. Lew

    I wouldnt change hardly anything, maybe stock upholstery, but I like the originality of this. You can find restored ones, and they look nice, but they’re restored. This is mostly the way it has always been. How many like this are out there. This will go to a very happy and lucky new home. Wish it was mine.

  2. Claire C Sheehy

    wondering if this wagon is still for sale?? craigs list post has expired and don’t see any way of communicating with the seller. I am very interested, not just a looky-loo

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Claire, since the Craigslist ad expired, it is likely still for sale. I have updated the post. If the seller relists this on Craiglist I will send you an email. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other contact info for the seller.

    – Dave

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