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1974 VW Thing Acapulco Edition on eBay

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This pink surrey-like vehicle looks fun. A blue version of this same vehicle and same year sold for $27,500 at a Barret-Jackson auction.

“Gateway Classic Cars of Tampa is proud to offer this eye-catching 1974 Volkswagen Type 181… aka, the Volkswagen Thing. With looks somewhere between an Army Jeep and a Volkswagen Beetle, the Volkswagen Thing already stands out, but this particular example was built to look like the ultra-rare Acapulco Edition. These cars were built in very low numbers but they are instantly recognizable, and that Caribbean look is transferred to this 1974 Volkswagen Thing Acapulco Edition Tribute with a two-tone pink-and-white paint job, matching interior and the Surrey soft top. If a canvas roof isn’t quite your style, though, this car also comes with a full open-side hard top and removable roll bars. Powering this 1974 Volkswagen Thing is a rear-mounted 1,584-cc horizontally opposed and air-cooled four-cylinder, and this engine is backed by a four-speed manual gearbox. Drop the top, remove the doors and flip down the windshield, and this 1974 Volkswagen Thing is a perfect beach cruiser, parade vehicle or show car!”

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2 Comments on “1974 VW Thing Acapulco Edition on eBay

  1. CraigInPa

    I have a 74 Thing that I’m turning into an acapulco model. The acapulco model was only cosmetic, except for the high surrey top.

    The paint job on this pink Thing is in no way an acapulco style. On the acapulco, the car is mainly white, with color highlights (such as the hood, dashboard, and bumpers). This is a pink car with random white highlights.

    The striped top and upholstery are off the shelf items at The Thing Shop. They offer the striped upholstery in acapulco blue, pink, orange, green, and probably other colors.

    The high surrey top is reproduced, or any number of originals are available. You’d only choose this top if you lived in an area where it never rains, or you plan on keeping the car in the garage and only taking it out on days with 0% chance of rain.

    In the engine compartment, it’s got bolt-on-bling, and filth. The air cleaner isn’t original. The tubes which bring heat to the passenger compartment are both missing.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I’d meant to add to the post that I know nothing about these, so that information is useful.


    – Dave

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