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1945 GPW Auburn, CA $12,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/07/2016) It looks like the tool lids are MB rather than GPW.

“Bought this and did alot to it but alot had already been don. I mainly did the cosmetic restore.. someone else did alot of other mechanical stuff to it.. I bought it from a guy in Washington state. I have Washington title.. easy to swap over..

Get it cheap because I need cash.. these go for upwards of 20k.. I’m selling cheap because I need cash quick.. I just finished my restoring.. it needs to be driven is all.. it has an oil pan leak.. u can see where it’s coming from .. that is all it needs to be just about perfect..

Hurry.. if u want it cheap because I won’t need the cash any longer after the 10th and the price will go up to where it should be after that… ”

1945-gpw-auburn-ca-045 1945-gpw-auburn-ca-046 1945-gpw-auburn-ca-047 1945-gpw-auburn-ca-048 1945-gpw-auburn-ca-049


3 Comments on “1945 GPW Auburn, CA $12,500

  1. Brian

    Looks to have a GPW front crossmember. Tool box lids are not correct. Has 2A windshield. Has other things missing or incorrect. There are jeeps out there that may be worth upwards of 20K like he says, but this isn’t one of em.

  2. Jay

    Yes the seller is day dreaming. Has a T90 cj windscreen. I wonder how bad it looks under the hood?? Would say its a $6500 jeep at best.

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