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1942 Photo of Bantam BRC-40 on eBay

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UPDATE: Another version of this sand dune photo is available on eBay. Another was sold in 2014 (see end of post).

“1942 Press Photo West Point Military Academy Jeep Jockeys in Army Maneuvers. This is an original press photo. Photo measures 9 x 7.25inches. Photo is dated 07-31-1942.”

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1942-07-31-bantambrc40-jeep-jockeys1 1942-07-31-bantambrc40-jeep-jockeys2

Here’s a similar press photo that was sold in 2014.

1942-07-31-bantam-brc40-hill1 1942-07-31-bantam-brc40-hill2


5 Comments on “1942 Photo of Bantam BRC-40 on eBay

  1. Joe in Mesa

    I wonder where the pic was taken (Eastern Area?). There’s no sand dune like that on the West Point reservation …nor the nearby Jersey Shore that I’ve seen.

  2. SteveK

    To me, it looks like a Ford GP with the flat grill and flat top fenders with vertical backs. I’ve only seen pics of the BRCs and they all had a narrow pointed nose grill and round fenders away from the hood panels. The BRC/GP/MA pics on this site give good comparisons, including the Willys MA model. Those BRCs were tiny. I barely fit in my Dj so I know I couldn’t fit in one of them, not that I will ever have the opportunity to try to. 🙁

  3. David Eilers

    Steve, it’s the headlights that are the most obvious indication. See how they are inset into the fenders rather than inside the grille? That’s a sign it is a Bantam BRC 40.

  4. SteveK

    Well there you go. Another learning experience. I had never been exposed to a flat grilled Bantam before. Having raised my curiosity, I researched for pics of Bantams, and oddly are they ever carrying various labels in the model number. I saw BRC 60s with both the flat and bull nose grills pictured, 40s with both, and even a 75 with the bull nose and round bumpers of the 30. Confusing, but one consistent thing I observed on ALL Bantams compared to ALL Fords or Willys, Bantams have much smaller height bumpers. So now I have learned three things today. Thanks!

  5. David Eilers


    I’m not familiar with the Bantam “30” or “75”. As I understand it, there was the original Bantam BRC. It’s success led to a second contract for 70 BRC 60s. A third contract led to the manufacture of about 2605 BRC-40s (and about 50 four wheel steer BRC-40s):

    There is one other bantamish vehicle, a Bantam made by Checker. If I remember correctly, there was some dispute on Checker’s involvement with it, but you can see an example here:

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