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More Pics From Charles

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Buffalo%20grBuffalo crossing?


us jeeps probably belgium -no place-date



I have not information on the rest of these:




dom1 doms1 dom2 dom4


8 Comments on “More Pics From Charles

  1. David Eilers Post author


    I’ve seen that photo before. One caption related to it suggested it was from Jan 1, 1939 (Getty), which we all know is untrue. So, that calls into question the rest of the text which reads, “Chinese soldiers and labourers carry parts of an American leased Jeep over mountain trails for re-assembly on the repaired section of the Burma Road in China.”

    There’s another example (possible followup photo) here:

    There are a few more jeep photos (and other cool Burma photos) on this page. I assume all the photos were part of a NatGeo article:

  2. Illinois Larry

    Sorry, I should have stated the Buffalo crossing sign was probably the 92nd Infantry. There nickname was The Buffalo soldiers.

  3. Desert Jim

    The marking on the carried Jeep I believe is the 1st Air Group that was active in Burma and China in the latter part of 1943 thru 1945….

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