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Year? GPW/MB Huntsville, AL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

The seller guessed that this a Willys MA, but he was quickly educated by some folks on Facebook.

“This one is pretty much original and completely untouched. You will never find this Jeep again!
The newer seats are not installed just sitting in the body. Original seats are in there, but tore up. Please, Do not text or email if you are not interested in purchasing”

year-gpw-huntsville-al2 year-gpw-huntsville-al3 year-gpw-huntsville-al4


4 Comments on “Year? GPW/MB Huntsville, AL **SOLD**

  1. Doug in Ohio

    Hard to tell much from the pics of engine bay or transmission.looks like a GPW front crossmember.

  2. Steve

    Original and completely untouched???
    I guess the bubba front bumper and rear tow hitch, as well as the bubba cut in tailgate were “Original” government issue.

    It’s definitely a GPW, so earliest it can be is 1942.

    Oh did I mention the bubba seats? LOL. LOL. LOL

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