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1952 M-38 w/ Trailer Roswell, GA $21,900

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“Military Jeep 1952 M38 Willys w/M100 Strick Trailer
Serial # MC62418, Hood # 20909755, Engine # RMC107177

This is a near original, excellent parade quality Korean war M-38 and M100 Strick jeep & trailer that can be driven (or towed) anywhere.

I purchased the Jeep and crate engine in 1969 or 1970. The engine has less than 2000 miles on it and the jeep has been towed @ 7000 miles. Includes top and rare fold up doors with side curtains.(doors need recovering) Includes many spare and rebuildable parts, parts and repair manuals.

MANUALS very rare!
Included are “ORIGINAL” Army issue manuals: OR6D 8 SNL G-740, group G Field and Depot Maintenance Allowances; ORD 9 SNL G740, group G All Service Parts; TM 9 8014, Operation Organizational Maintenance (For M38A1, but is 90% accurate for M38); LO 9-8012 Lubrication Chart(Laminated), and the new Ryan K. Miller’s M38 Reference guide (the bible).

Two sets of (new) brake shoes; 1-24v headlight, a box of single & double element bulbs; 8 new plugs, replacement flasher units, a carburetor with a complete rebuild kit, rebuildable master & wheel brake cylinders, rebuildable starter, speedometer & cable, and numerous parts acquired over the past 45 years.
Also a complete (50/60) period correct Army fatigue uniform (for 6ft, 200lbs, 38″ waist, size 10 boots, machette & sheave, shovel & sheave, replica Colt 45w/holster & belt, 3 helmets, binoculars replica (prop) Colt 45 pistol with holster and much more.

TOOLS: military wire crimper, and M series electrical test unit and more.

NOTE Jeep has small amount of rust under passenger seat. Locking hubs and turn signals. Roll bar will be included also. “


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