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1942 MB Alexander, AL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

I have a 1942 WWII Willys MB for sale in Alexander City, AL. I have a two and a half year rebuilt motor. It’s a late 40s or early 50s jeep flate head L-134 motor. It’s about 75 to 80 percent complete project. Everything but body so far has been painted lusterless OD green. Here is a list of what I have done to it.






-new brake lines
-new wheel cylinders
-new master cylinder
-new brake pads
-new body kit from the Philippines (includes tub, windshield screen, fenders, hood, top bow, window seals, and grille)
-new front bumper with frame gussets to bumper
-new rear cross member
-Korean style pintle hook
-fully rebuilt L-134 from late 40’s early 50’s (motor mounts facing in opposite directions so I had to modify the frame mount brackets to fit) Hasn’t been cranked in a few years since the Mechanic did it in front of me.
-6 volt system
-rebuilt generator

-rebuilt glass bowl fuel pump
-I have the original hood (cut out from bubba f-head, fenders, and grille)
-original light buckets
-4 combat wheel ready to be bolted on
-2 of the 4 combat wheels have the ndt tires mounted on
-original transfer case
-t-84 transmission is from a ford gpw and has been rebuilt (f stamp)
-steering box is (f stamped)
-original seat frames (I never got around to buying new seat pans for back and bottom of seats)
-no rear seat
-new shocks
-new springs (front and rear)
-helper spring on drivers side
-no frame damage
-new battery tray
-new master cylinder splash pan
-original body number on square gussets 95363

Extra parts such as:
-2 water cans
-2 generators
-tire pump that goes under back seat
-a few other miscellaneous

This is all I could think of if anyone has any questions feel free to call or text.

Asking 5500 for whole warehouse full of parts. Negotiable on price.


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