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1956 DJ-3A Project Reading, PA $4500


UPDATE: Still Available. I didn’t appreciate the originality of this when I first posted it. Now that I own one, I can see just how much is there.

“1956 DJ-3A
2-wheel drive
Column shift
Motor has been overhauled
Brakes have been done
Starter has been rebuilt
Includes 5 wheels with original trim rings and hubcaps (4 lug wheels, 15″)
Needs steering wheel and wiring harness (have the originals).
No seats, no top, no top bows.
Has the original Auto-Line Bulls-Eye headlight bulbs.
Radiator was done with a high-flow core, sufficient for a V-8.
This is the convertible model with non-ventilating windshield (original glass included)
Not the original color (original color unknown)
Will not respond to texts.
If the ad is posted, the vehicle is still available.”

1956-dj3a-reading-pa1 1956-dj3a-reading-pa2 1956-dj3a-reading-pa3 1956-dj3a-reading-pa4


6 Comments on “1956 DJ-3A Project Reading, PA $4500

  1. Charles

    I’ve had several conversations in the past with the ‘previous or present’ owner of this DJ. There were several things he helped me with in authenticating on the restoration details of my own 56 convertible.

    I always thought it a shame he was unable to complete this project.

    I wish I owned it (funds) and I hope it lands in good hands.

    Lots of work been done here, lots of $$$$ in parts.


  2. Colin Peabody

    I was hoping you had been in touch with him. Do you know the serial number on it Charles??

  3. Charles

    I’ll have to dig deep to find out if we’ve got the serial number. It’s been a year or so since I talked to him. This jeep used to belong to 56DJ on the DJ3A forum and there’s pictures of it there somewhere too. If not I’ll try to contact him and find out.


  4. Charles

    I went back and checked his posts.

    VIN–56337 10263

    That number IS in the database but not listed as a solid back panel convertible.


  5. Charles

    PS. I don’t think he even knew that it was a convertible until either during or after the convertible research thread.


  6. Bill

    I’ve bought parts and complete Jeeps from this seller in the past and he is a great guy to talk to. His name is David, he’d be happy to talk about the Jeep. He always brings lots of parts to the Willys Picnic in Kempton, too. He has a lot into this one, it could be a great one to finish off.

    Bill @ Lime Street Carriage

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