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1942 MB Rochester, WA $9500


UPDATE II: Still Available

UPDATE: I mentioned that this could be brought back to original without too much expense. Brian challenged me on that claim (thank you) and determined it could roughly cost about $5800 to do so. Therefore, I shall modify my earlier claim and say that this could be returned to a more militaryish theme without too much effort or expense. 🙂

“1942 Willys Jeep
Rebuilt motor Flathead 4 cylinder
Warn overdrive
Great shape
Runs good
Too many good things to list”

1942-mb-rochester-wa01 1942-mb-rochester-wa02 1942-mb-rochester-wa03 1942-mb-rochester-wa04


4 Comments on “1942 MB Rochester, WA $9500

  1. Brian

    Just out of curiosity, I decided to figure up the cost of parts that it would take to make this jeep mostly correct. This is for mostly repro parts priced from one dealer. The cost could be less and it could be more depending on how correct you wanted it to be, where you buy the parts, and if you use repro or original parts. I came up with a cost of around $5,800.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Good exercise; and I stand corrected. The more I look at this the more I see what you mean. I probably should have said something like “it could be made reasonably original without too much effort”, since it looks pretty sound.

    I get a little bored of my own comments sometimes, so I try to think of something a little different to say. It doesn’t always work out well … lol.

    Thanks for doing the work on that. I’ll update the post.

  3. Brian

    There is some expensive stuff you would have to buy but its surprising how quick those $5 to $30 parts add up.

  4. Joe in Mesa

    While it’s too bad this wasn’t keep original military, it would be a shame now to ruin that beautiful metallic blue paint job. I’d recommend enjoying this as-is, and slowly (affordably?) collect the windshield, spare tire bracket, steering wheel, rims, non-directional tires, and many other MB parts for its next restoration down the road a few years.

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