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What Years Were Ventilating Windshields Offered?

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Jim and I were discussing ventilating windshields the other day, but we lacked some overall stats. So, I’m hoping to gather such information under one post. It seems that ventilating windshields were offered in the following variations on the following models:

  1. M-38A1, CJ-5, CJ-6, M-606a2, M-606a3 (militarized CJ-5 & 6): Split Window (2 panes) version of the ventilating windshield. Jim’s research has confirmed these windshields were available, at a minimum, on 1958-1961 CJ-5s/6s, Additional photo and anecdotal evidence suggests they were available for longer (perhaps only has export options). These windshields probably were available on M-170s as well. A comment on the M-series forum claimed the Army didn’t order M-38A1s with ventilating windshields, which is probably true, but they may have been an option that was offered none-the-less.
  2. CJ-3B, M-606, DJ-3A, Hotchkiss CJ-3B: Single pane windows. They were available as early as 1955 on the DJ-3A (based on a 1955 DJ-3A parts manual) and as late as 1958 on the CJ-3B. Why they were single pane and not dual pane isn’t clear to me. Other international licensees may also have offered the ventilating windshield, such as Mistubishi.
  3. MB/CJ-2A: This chart of CJ-2A windshields documents early windshield styles.. Since these are pretty well documented, they are ignored for this discussion.

Can anyone add to part 1 or 2?

Some Examples:

  1. DJ-3A Manual (We have learned the DJ manuals aren’t always accurate sources):
  2. CJ-3B photos of windshield:
  3. Hotchkiss JH-101 (CJ-3B style). Note the clamps near the bottom of the windshield for holding it down or releasing it. See the full brochure on the CJ-3B Page
  4. Jim’s CJ-5:
  5. M-606 with Ventilating windshield:
  6. M606A2 & 3: 1970-m606a2-m606a3-cj5-military-brochure1

Ventilating Windshield Links:

  1. Early CJ-5 Discussion:
  2. eWillys examples:
  3. CJ-3B Page:
  4. Willys M Series forum:
  5. CJ-5 style ventilating windshield photos:
  6. CJ-3B style ventilating windshield photos:
  7. Hotchkiss Ad showing ventilated windshield



6 Comments on “What Years Were Ventilating Windshields Offered?

  1. Dave from Mn

    I have a 1964 cj6 that has ventilating windshield. Also did have a government (forestry i believe) cj6 that was a 1966..

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I’m surprised the government ordered the ventilating windshield. Maybe a little pork added into the purchase?

  3. Desert Jim

    Another piece of the puzzle.. Thanks MN Dave. I have never seen a 1955-1957 CJ5/6 in the US with one. I do not know if it was available in those years. Now we know at least in 1964 they had them as an option, maybe thru 1966. The paperwork I received from the original owner of my 59 shows that he ordered it from the factory with the ventilating windshield and a hardtop. It was a CO jeep up until 2005. I hope other info can be located.

  4. Ed

    My 1962 cj5 that was sold in Canada has one. I have a picture of this vehicle within the first few weeks of the original owner purchasing it. They are functional but complicated to restore if the metal trim around the glass is in poor shape…a lot of extra work just to make the window area smaller.

  5. Armin Böhler

    I own a 1967 CJ5 ( M 606A2), it was used formerly in Swiss Army. Ist has a split ventilated windschield.

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