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1951 M-38 Murrells Inlet, SC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

It’s a project.

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“This vehicle is a great candidate for a restoration and or driver. It’s completely original and unmolested. It has been converted to 12volt and had aftermarket tires installed sometime threw its life. It was used by the Ga forestry service early on and owned by a farmer for the last 20-25 years. I have a love for jeeps and recently purchased the vehicle to restore. However I have since found a 1942 willys mb I’m interested in. I’m looking for a good home for this Jeep. Someone to bring it back to original.

When I purchased the vehicle it hadn’t run for sometime. I have only gotten it running. I cleaned the gas tank out, fuel lines, replaced the spark plugs, condensor, installed a fuel pump/regulator and brand new solex carburetor. The engine (L134) was rebuilt by the military sometime in the past prior to being decommissioned due to its casting number RMC11831. They would add a R infront of MC dictating it had been rebuilt. The compression on this motor is excellent 115/115/115/105 all within speck of each other. It has all original running gears. The transmission (T90), transfer case (T18), rears Dana 25 and Dana 44 are all in good original operating order. At some point it will need gauges and lights rewired(all original still).

This vehicle would make a great start for someone looking to restore a original willys m38 army Jeep. The body is only showing rust on the passenger floor, side foot step and a small spot on the drivers side panel. Absolutely no bondo. The floors are very solid. The underside is also in great condition. The only rusting I could spot are the foot step hat channels. The frame is in excellent condition. The It is not bent, no rust threw, horns/solid. Ive removed the brake drums and it looks as tho they have been gone threw within the last 1,000 miles. The shoes look like new, wheel cylinders are dry etc. These jeeps are known for saggy leaf springs this Jeeps springs are great and it stands tall. The vehicle does currently run and drive in and out of my garage. However it needs a full tune up/timing etc as well as a master cylinder/brake bleeding. I’ve got it to a point were a individual can see it is sound mechanically and begin work on it. Please keep in mind this vehicle is for someone who is looking to work on a solid antique military Jeep that is 67 Years old. They are very basic and parts are plentiful. These vehicles fetch upwards of 20,000 restored. I am able to send videos of it running and driving to verify the running gears are solid. ”



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