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Paul’s Trailer Restoration Continues

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Paul’s made more progress on his M-100 trailer restoration/transformation into stainless steel.

He wrote, Twelve cut and bent stainless steel tie downs for the M100 trailer with two original tie downs (one has been straightened) along with four replacement stainless reflector bodies just above an original reflector body.


The old reflector and the new replacement reflectors. The replacement tie down hooks and the reflectors will join the other repaired or fabricated parts in the crawlspace under the house until needed.


Also in the crawlspace are the duplicate sides and front and rear panels (18 gauge stainless steel) for the M100 trailer box. The gnarly looking hunk of what appears to be a dinosaur bone just to the right of the metal panels is actually an odd piece of wood from a coffee tree.



5 Comments on “Paul’s Trailer Restoration Continues

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Always great to get an update on Paul’s work up in Alaska.
    Is the M-38 done? Did I miss a chapter that the effort has switched to the trailer now?

  2. Alaska Paul

    Joe, my M-38 isn’t finished but I’ve reached a point where I’ll have to pay others to do work I can’t do myself so my wallet suggested I concentrate on fabricating the numerous (and low cost) small parts needed for the M100 trailer rebuild for the rest of the 2016/2017 winter. I’m hoping my wallet will have fully recovered by the start of the 2017/2018 winter so I can work on the M-38 once again. It seems winter will be lasting a bit longer this season, it’s 6:45 am and the temperature is 15 degrees below zero F.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    OMG… brrrrrr!
    I won’t be mean and tell you the temperature here in Mesa this morning 😉

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Those reflectors and hooks look great btw! … Joe, I’m looking forward to some warm temps!

  5. Rick

    Paul, your crawl space looks more like our den than our crawl space! Nice work, as usual.

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