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1957 Wagon Sharpsburg, GA $6500

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Dave’s got this nice wagon for sale.

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“Owned for 27 years. Selling, as I just don’t spend the time on it that it deserves.
Starts, runs and stops, but the engine and drivetrain are old and tired. Brakes are new all around.

Slave cylinders, Master, pads and clips. Parking brake cabling is free and works. Wheel bearings are in good shape, and all 4 recently rebuilt and repacked (left rear replaced). Needs shocks replaced. Especially the back ones. Guy that had it before me, lifted it all around about 2 inches, with “not bad” work. But that means the shock throw is “not standard”.

Wiring is all new. Put in a fuse block as well. Winch is a 12,000lb mechanical from the Power Takeoff, and works like a champ.

4wd all works, locking hubs are smooth, kingpin bearings real nice, and the front knuckle seals newly replaced and serviced with the proper lube, so it doesn’t just ooze right out. Steering gearbox centers up pretty nicely, but it too is simply “old”.

I got a new “show quality” carburetor from Walcks last year, and when I redid the wiring, put in an electric fuel pump, electronic ignition distributor and a new alternator with a nice stainless arm. It was 12v before I got it, but the horns have never been loud, and I suspect they’re still 6v.

The temp and fuel gauges have never worked. Speedo, lights, brights, blinkers, radio, and courtesy lights all work. And the heater blower and defrost work great. Even put in some new duct hose for the defrost, and built an interior duct box for flow direction. Heat exchanger in the engine compartment doesn’t leak.

Radiator was cleaned out and cored 20 years ago, and seems just fine. My wife covered the seats a few years ago. I had the old frames blasted and painted. We used some matching material for the door panels and other interior panels.

The wooden slats in the floor are mostly original. I found the missing ones on Ebay, so they’re complete. I have a headliner (gray) “new in the box”. I bought it 20 years ago and never put it in, so I guess that’s “old in the box” or “new in the old box”. I bought some material to make the 2 missing headliner bows, but never got around to making them.

Tires are all good. And yes, that is indeed a barometric altimeter on the dash. When I bought this 25 years ago, it was already there. I don’t need it, but never felt like removing it.

For much of the past 20 years, it has been in some state of “rebuilding something”, in my garage. Sadly I did the engine first, and after setting as long as it has, even though it runs, I’m afraid it’s now next in line for rings and bearings. Knocks a little bit. Got a little bit of tick, too. Left the mechanical fuel pump in place for the vacuum wiper motor, which never actually got around to being rebuilt.
I drove this as a daily driver for 5 years and just loved it. If someone took the time to go through it mechanically, put in the headliner, got the fuel gauge to work, and gave it a nice paint job, they’d really have something. I just don’t have the time or energy, and although it’s a wonderful thing to have when my wife wants me to pull up a stump, its just a shame to have it stuck in the garage. If you buy it, plan to trailer it away. Like I started with it runs, but I haven’t had it on the open road in 20 years. It fires up just fine, and I won’t hesitate to drive around the local area, up to normal road speeds. But I know what to do when it coughs or burps, and am real familiar with how it sways and steers. Someone that isn’t familiar with it, could get into trouble trying to safely go more than say 5 miles. Plus the motor is knocking more these days, so should really be looked into before starting to try to drive it at highway speeds.

I posted this ad once, found that my photos weren’t very clear, and then “flunked” trying to edit them. So, I deleted the ad and built a new one. Sorry for any confusion. At any rate, during that time a couple people asked for some additional information on rust and numbers. Yes, it’s old and rusty, and no, the engine and body don’t share matching numbers. Over the years it’s had its share of primer, paint, weld and bondo, to wage the war against rust. The driver’s side floor rusted through, so I cut it out and welded in steel to replace it. Surfaces inside the glove boxes under the driver and passenger’s seats are rusty enough that the hinges rusted off one of the little doors. The tailgate piano hinge was pretty bad, so I replaced it with a bought hinge, and cut out any bad rust on the bed before reattaching it. Had to drill out the fasteners, but took the time to use stainless nut-serts to get it all back together, so it came out pretty good. The lower edges of the doors are rusty enough to be next in line before a paint job, and the leaf springs and shackles, since I’ve never gotten around to replacing them, are fairly rusty too. But the body is indeed solid, the frame is in great shape”


9 Comments on “1957 Wagon Sharpsburg, GA $6500

  1. David Eilers Post author

    KC, I doubt that’s an original horn, but I can’t say for certain. Some searches didn’t yield any additional info.

  2. Greg Bryant

    KC — those are original Spartan horns and match the model. they look out of place because they are mounted in the wrong place and upside down. I would not classify them as rare for originality, maybe rare in that majority burned out years ago and have been replaced.

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