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1942 MB Minneapolis, MN $17,500


Mike’s has done a bunch of work on this MB. It looks like it might have a GPW frame. Maybe the body is a no-glove-box slat grille?

1942-mb-minn-minn1 1942-mb-minn-minn2 1942-mb-minn-minn3 1942-mb-minn-minn4

“This WWII jeep is in AWESOME Shape. NO RUST on frame or body or anywhere else. Purchased this last fall out of Denver. Engine was rebuilt literally a week ago. 2wd and 4wd high/low all work great. Just installed new correct wiring harness. All gauges and lights work including the blackout lights. Has clean MN title in hand. This jeep is going to be an awesome vehicle for someone to enjoy and pass on for generations and use for parades or to drive everyday if you want. It was always my dream to have one of these and I wish I could keep it but unfortunately I can’t. Happy to show it and take you for a ride weather permitting.

Here are some of the improvements I’ve made:
Rebuilt engine
Replaced speedometer cable
Filled all fluids
Replaced thermostat
Replaced thermostat housing gasket
Drained and filled transfer case 150 Miles
Filled transmission with gear oil
Installed and wired trailer socket
Installed new US made fuel gauge
Installed new fuel tank sender
Grounded fuel tank sender behind seat
Installed new horn brush
Installed Jerry can
Installed Jerry can bracket
Jerry can refurbished by gas tank renu
Installed throttle cable
Installed choke cable
Painted panel light knob
Install correct circuit breakers
Installed correct crankshaft pulley
Installed new Blackout headlight bulbs
Installed new Push Pull Main Light Switch
Installed NOS radio Filter
Installed correct 2 and 6 post Junction boxes
Installed M.V. Spares wiring harness
Installed correct blackout headlights
Cleaned dimmer switch
Installed correct blackout & service tail lights
Installed correct radiator support
Cleaned engine and bay
Replaced spark plugs
Cleaned wires
Refurbish/installed correct oil bath Air Filter
Installed hose/clamps for air filter to tunnel
Replaced carb intake elbow clamp
Replaced exhaust manifold gasket
Replaced exhaust manifold
Repaired exhaust manifold baffle
Replaced intake/exhaust manifold gasket
Replaced exhaust pipe/manifold gasket
Replaced carb with correct NOS refurbished unit
Replaced carb to intake manifold gasket
Connected throttle cable
Installed new starter bushing
Installed correct starter to block bracket”


4 Comments on “1942 MB Minneapolis, MN $17,500

  1. jeepjtrucks

    Whenever I see those stenciled 5 point stars with the single point downwards it always looks wrong. Was there any period guidance as to how those stencils were to be used? It may be correct, but it looks awkward, kind of like when US soldiers were their US flag correctly on their right shoulder.

  2. B. F. Smith

    An awesome jeep. Wish I could afford. At 16 years old I had a hand built 1947 Willys Military jeep for my birthday. Sure wish still had it. Good luck selling. Just cannot afford.

  3. K Blake

    The no glove box /door does look a little out of place, but it still looks like a very nice Jeep.
    I know this is not the case but if you ever see pictures of Canadian vehicles in WWII, Jeeps included, most of the time the stars were intentionally placed upside down (on the side and on hood), more or less to denote that it wasn’t a US vehicle.

  4. Jay in Gilroy

    Besides the stars being applied “upsidedown” another thing that bugs me is painting a WW2 jeep the wrong shade of green, not olive drab. He could have just color matched the spare tire mount or Jerry can. He did all that work and painted it wrong. To me it needs to repainted, and that would lower the price.

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