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1963 FJ-3A Phoenix, AZ $40,000


UPDATE II: Still Available.


Jesse noted that, “It was originally built in the 70s by my friend Gary Jack. He worked for the US Postal Service his whole career. When he retired, the tired FJ3 was also retired, so it went to scrap. At the time the FJ3 Postal FleetVans did not have the approval of the federal DOT and especially they did not have the approval of California DMV, because of the right hand drive and the seated / standing up driver operation. He was able to sneak out the scrapped pieces of the FJ3 that he had driven during his career, and a few others, enough to recreate and build a dream that he had during his career, to build a chopped top race truck. He did that. Gary and the FJ were a regulars at Riverside Raceway for a lot of years. In the 80s to the 90s this same FJ3 became a top NSRA street rod.”


“This 1963 Jeep FJ-6A custom mail truck is “Delivering Hope” for charity. No expense was spared to take this iconic US Postal Office Fleet van and give it the modern upgrades and conveniences. Featuring a 350 Chevy engine. Cox Charities is committed to building, strengthening and investing in metropolitan and rural Arizona communities by raising and granting funds and mobilizing employee giving and selfless service since its inception, Cox Charities has awarded $5 million in grants to non-profit organizations that impact our community primarily through youth education programs, thus solidifying the Cox Communication – Arizona commitment to the communities it serves. **ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT COX CHARITIES** **WILL BE SOLD AT APPROXIMATELY 6:00PM ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 2014**”



13 Comments on “1963 FJ-3A Phoenix, AZ $40,000

  1. Colin Peabody

    This is a pretty wild FJ3A, as I have seen it at Jesse’s also. Dave I think the first time you and Anne came to the FC Roundup at Jesse’s, this was there. It would be fun to drive until it got squirrelly!

  2. Mitch

    I saw that one a few years ago at the round up hosted by Doug Mykol in Olympia. I believe it was his.

  3. Jay sørensen

    I first saw the fj at a shop in Scottsdale. That day I started my hunt for the fj I have now. It’s a 61′ with a chevy 350/700r4 fun to drive. Ill have it at Jesse’s this year.

  4. Jesse Ybarra

    It is a fun car to drive, and it doesn’t seem to be that loud inside.
    It really is nicer to look at, than it is in the puctures

  5. Mike

    So let me understand this correctly; Did anybody ever pay the $100,000 big bucks or did some one just get carried away in the bidding frenzy and then came to his senses ? Seems like a big hit to take, but then again backs up my previous statements about BIG NAME AUCTIONS AND FALSE INFLATED PRICES.

  6. David Eilers


    Yes, it was bought for $100k and is being sold for $36k. I can’t answer why. If I remember correctly, it was part of a fundraiser, so that may well have played into the $100k price. Now it is being sold for a more realistic price.

    – Dave

  7. eli

    I remember seeing a pic of this on a car hauler and I thought I remembered a trailer that matched it? this is one of the coolest mail jeep conversions ever done imho.

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