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1945 MB Lake Stevens, WA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Was on eBay. **Status Unknown**

Interesting hard top. Looks like a rare V7 Works design.

” All original 1945 Willys MB (March 10 DOD) with WWII tires still on it! even the leather shift boots are still there,,
the top has preserved this jeep and is the nicest you will find,,all original engine, trans, everything
does not have the horn or headlights anymore,,,,look at that  gauge cluster! all original,,, steering wheel is very nice, no cracks!
have owner history since the 60’s,,have the original hood number and the original sales brochure for the wooden top!
located in WA State,,Clear title in my name ,,plated and ready to restore,,
Note: I have removed the engine,, and gauges for safekeeping but the are all unmolested and secure and will go with the Jeep
you will not find a better surviving example of an unmolested WWII Jeep”

1945-mb-lakestevens-wa2 1945-mb-lakestevens-wa3 1945-mb-lakestevens-wa4



8 Comments on “1945 MB Lake Stevens, WA **Status Unknown**

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Seller told me he’d send me a copy of the brochure. Apparently, it is slightly different then the one I have above.

  2. ANDY

    Tried to negotiate with the seller…was going well till I got more pictures (not easy)…rotted out and plated over gas tank well, sealed up gas well top, missing tank, no seats, rear mount gas tank, engine and gauges removed, etc…
    In current condition! definitely not worth $14000 more like $7500….

  3. David Eilers Post author

    No personal attacks please.

    Of course, all sellers are allowed to price a vehicle however they like and it’s pretty impossible for everyone to agree on what a fair price is for any given jeep.

    That said, I’m curious why the pics on eBay show the engine inside the engine bay and the gauges installed while the description describes the engine and gauges as having been removed. The photos included in the auction could have easily misled a bidder, which seems inappropriate in my opinion. These changes should have been reflected in the photos.

    – Dave

  4. Lawrence Sandlin

    Do you know any status on this Jeep or is it still available. Dose he have a point of contact to ask him, thank you.

  5. Brian

    Lawrence, he posts on the G503 forum occasionally under the name Niblet. Might be able to reach him there.

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