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1945 Jeep Saw Reference In Popular Mechanics

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On page 41 of the April 1945 issue of Popular Mechanics is this photo and caption. Curiously, it doesn’t appear the jeep has lights; it looks more like the jeep was partly illustrated.


This photo was in the same issue:



4 Comments on “1945 Jeep Saw Reference In Popular Mechanics

  1. Barry West

    MC that is what I thought too. Maybe a hand-built grill/headlight protection system. However, what’s up with the front rounded bumper? I suppose they had to use that low pressure slick tire to keep the belt from slipping off. ND would not work. Finally, is that an anti-decapitation wire cutter attached to the front bumper?

  2. Barry West

    Hey!! This might be the first time Duct Tape was used as a multi-purpose tool around that front screen!! Maybe??

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