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Fine Art Jeep Model on eBay

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Harry Neilson’s brother James is selling his “Fine Art Model” 1/8 Willys on eBay. According to Harry, there were only 250 of these models made by this commpany and the model is regarded as the finest, most proportionately correct scale Willys. Here are more about the fine art jeeps here:

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This sale is for a 1:8 scale Fine Art Models Willys MB Jeep produced in 1992. This model is number 60 of 250 ever produced. Numbers started at 20200900 as the hood marking and went up to 20201150. The model measures approximately 18″ long.

FAM’s model of the Willys Jeep is considered the most sought after miniature amongst Jeep enthusiasts for its attention to detail, proportions and gauges, and material usage in every respect.
Every part on these jeeps (as is the case with many of their other models) is manufactured by studying and measuring a dissasembled wartime vehicle. Parts are either soldered together or bolted; no glue is used. The sheet metal components on this vehicle are in formed brass, castings are bronze or white metal, the windshield, headlamps, parking lamps and instrument lenses are glass, shift boots and door straps are canvas, weather stripping is rubber or felt, and correct pattern Goodyear tires are made using their own molds in rubber.

There are many nice features on this model that give it its recognition.

Pintle hook operates, jerry can is a formed three part construction with working filler cap, rear wheel well hatch doors open to compartments below, rear bench seat comes out / folds / and reveals jack and tire pump, hood bows swing in to position, driver’s seat folds up revealing extendable fuel filler neck, dashboard is made up of faithfully reproduced switches and gauges, glove box door opens and has photo etched data tags, Pyrene model extinguisher is found below dash, windshield frame locks in to position / folds down / windshield swings out, wipers work, both sets of hood latches work, headlamps swing out, engine bay is supremely detailed, dip stick comes out, lube chart and grease gun are found below hood, under carriage is reproduced in detail with working drivetrain and suspension.

This model carries the Smithsonian National Museum plaque that only some of FAM’s models have.

Model’s imperfections to note: there is a 1″ paint crack inside the driver’s side wheel well where two pieces join. This is only seen from below and is not a structural crack.
Bottom windshield weatherstripping should be tacked back into position.
Some brazing flux has appeared on the hinge under the hood. This has likely come out of the hinge over time. Will clean up.”

More info: These models were made in the early 90s by a well known model maker in Michigan named “Fine Art Models”. They are regarded as one of the world’s best low-production run model makers, and these jeeps all carry a Smithsonian badge, since one of models is on display at the Smithsonian along with a real Willys.

Materials used on this model are similar to those found in all high end model making (i.e.; trains), which is brass soldered together – not a spot of glue on this jeep. The tires are cast from rubber molds that Fine Art made as a replica of the Goodyear. Windshield, mirrors and lenses have glass in them, and cotton canvas is used for strapping and seals. All detail parts on the jeep were cast or fabricated by studying a disassembled MB, and doing a lot of math to get the proportions right.


15 Comments on “Fine Art Jeep Model on eBay

  1. Minnesota Chris

    This is truly amazing in detail but you would have to be a very serious collector to aquire it with that price tag. My son would try to use it for his GI Joes

  2. Joe in Mesa

    OMG: $5350? You can get a complete full size for that price (needing restoration), or double your money for a fairly well restored one.

  3. Lew

    A museum level specimen for sure. Really a work of art and more so in that they made as many as 250 of them so there had to be production tooling as well as the final product. I dont know anyone who could afford one, but it sure looks to me like it commands the price.

  4. Ted Jordan

    I have seen one of these in person , and I can tell you the pictures don’t really do them justice. Really amazing detail on everything especially the incredibly small parts

  5. George

    I just found the on sale the willys MB with 50cal and trailer and the anti tank gun asking over $30,000 AUD … I wish I purchased then when they had then at Fine Art Models

  6. David Eilers Post author

    George, thanks for the link. I tried it, but it didn’t work correctly. I think it has something to do with their website, because when I did a search for the jeep on their website, I was presented with the same link you have above. Weird!

    The prices are interesting … This link shows a PRINT of Niel Young’s MB/GPW for $1300: .

    Or, there is this Baier lighter with trailer that can be bought off of eBay for under a couple hundred (sometimes much lower) listed at $2700!

    If this links don’t work, try this search link (or, go to the site and enter “jeep” into the search field).

  7. Jeff

    I know this jeep is 1/8th scale. So in comparison its just slightly smaller than the 1/6th DML/Dragon jeep kit that I am building. Is it that noticeable next to say a 1/6th Dragon figure that you could pose next to the Fine Art Models jeep? Would a 1/6th figure fit in the 1/8th jeep?

  8. Galen

    I’ve seen one of these up close & personal, they are remarkable reproductions that are completely faithful & accurate to the real thing. Completely handcrafted, and will only continue to build in value over time; wish I could afford one!

  9. Jeff

    Hey Galen, Do you know how it compares in size to the DML/Dragon 1/6th Jeep? Is it fairly close in size or is it a very noticeable difference

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