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Victories ….

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Short update. On Tuesday, after buying some parts and fixing some wiring, I got mom’s riding lawn mower running. She’s happy. I am happy.

On Wednesday, after buying a new motor and then upgrading the wiring to 230 … (It sure wasn’t plug and play) … I got the compressor working. I am even happier!

Compressor done? Check …


Parts ready? Check …


Parts blasted? Check …


Nice to be making headway again.


4 Comments on “Victories ….

  1. Lew

    Two steps backward to start forward again. Welcome to working on any Willys. You’re making progress Dave. Lookin good.

  2. Barry West

    Chugging away there! Buy the way if that rear cross member was dented by the driveshaft, I’d be checking every leaf, mounting hanger and axle housing just to be on the safe side. My grandpa had his 56 Chevy 3/4 Ton pickumup truck loaded/overloaded and on the drive home he took a different route. He didn’t see a big dip in the road and its chunk hit the bed floor and left a perfect chunk print in it. He had two broke leafs on each side and a warped axle housing. Needless to say he upgraded the springs he had put on it the year before and a new rear end. Used coils too and welded mounts back after some mumbling cussing. Just a thought. Happy restoring.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Lew, I think it is that way with everything!

    Barry, the previous owners beat that jeep pretty hard, so I have having to check everything. Fortunately, there were fewer spring leaves on a DJ, so there was more flexibility. But, i do plant to pull them apart, clean them, and replace the center bolt.. At this point I plan to install new ubolts, clean up the springs, and clean up the pads.

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