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1964 DJ-3A Fairfield, CA $4500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/11/2017) This DJ-3A is actually a 1962 that sold in 1964. The trim ID indicates that it may have been a Surrey. Though it has an L-134, it’s a former industrial engine. The jeep has a few other modifications, including four wheel drive. Still, looks like a good price.

Re-posting as I was away for 2 weeks , 1964 3A flat-fender 4×4 Jeep last year of production, was used as a hunting Jeep, no rust in the body and well cared for. 134 stock motor , has new water pump, radiator, valve job. 60 amp alternator, 12 volt, starts on the first click ( started on first turn after just sitting two weeks) and runs very well. Has a rebuilt transmission and transfer case. Vintage 5 leaf Rancho 2 inch lift springs , 11″ bendix brake conversion ( stops on a dime) with rear axle parking brakes that work. has factory 3/4 -1/4 front seats, (was originally a column shift) vintage Ramsey PTO winch with front and rear pto output . all electrical and gauges work perfectly, including “gas gauges”, turn signals back up lights spedo and digital tac also , two gas tanks ( came with factory rear tank) is set up to tow and tows perfectly , has a rear tow receiver. Floating rear axle and has 4:88 gears. Roll bar, hubs and bikini top, has factory rear seat. All mechanical parts in great shape. Current registration so “Wild Willy” can be driven away… at 50 mph…ha.. $4,500 B/O Just a real rare stock great running Jeep. In person pickup and cash only.”

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4 Comments on “1964 DJ-3A Fairfield, CA $4500

  1. Dan B.

    I looked at this Jeep about six months ago when the son of the original owner was clearing out his Dad’s Jeeps and parts in the (San Francisco) East Bay. His Dad sounded like a good guy – former electrician for the railroad if I remember right. His Dad did all of the modifications.

    I assume the current seller bought it from the son, cleaned it up, and did the tune up. It looks a lot better now and the current seller seems like a good guy who knows Jeeps.

  2. Colin Peabody

    Walt, the current seller, knows a lot about Jeeps. Very active in West Coast Willys for years.

  3. Dan B.

    Thanks Colin. Walt is awesome. I saw Fairfield in the CL ad and wondered if it was he. Some joke that every Willys in Northern California has passed through his hands at one time or another.

    Walt was very helpful when I was looking for my Traveller. Thanks for the insight.

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