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1943 MB Tub NJ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4900.

Seller is basing the value on the price of a new tub.


“Up for sale is a model year 1943 Willys MB jeep body.  I took it apart about 30 years ago as it was on a GPW Ford frame.  It is original and in excellent condition.  Please note there is a puncture hole above the airfilter mounting bracket at the transition to the cowl. The rear floor (cargo area) was replaced when I got it. I based the price on the value of a new reproduction body.  I feel that the original parts are worth twice what a foreign manufactured part is.

The old saying is, quality remains long after the price is forgotten.  If you buy a 2017 body it will always be in the back of your mind that it wasn’t around when Hitler ran off to Argentina or the surrender was signed on the USS Missouri.  The repro bodies I have seen always have manufacturing errors like the amount of return on the bends, type or placement of welds, different stampings, holes not in correct places, and cheap steel that rust quickly, etc etc.  When it comes time for the vehicle to be judged, original parts are the best and you have to think after tons of work, what would you finally sell your complete jeep for? And the first question a buyer will ask “Is it a repro tub?”.  This will give you a big head start in the right direction.

It comes as pictured with the passenger seat and seat mount hinges, spare tire carrier -note the wheel mounting studs missing, tool box lid, tool box locks, rear seat anti rattle springs, air cleaner bracket, electric horn bracket, side curtain snap buttons, rear view mirror mounting bracket, side safety strap eyes, windshield hinge brackets on body, windshield upright lock brackets, electrical junction block, accelerator pedal, misc Willys (?) fasteners replaced in threaded holes on disassembly to keep some sort of organization, etc..  As far as I know there is no rust, you can ask for pictures of any areas of concern.  The only reason that I am thinking about selling it is that I might want a Kubota or John Deere tractor with a cab.  For extra cost I have a slat grill hood with matching paint (and star), fenders and even a slat grill. Winters are getting colder and this has been sitting doing nothing for a long time.  Thank you.  Possible deliver to the Military Vehicle show in Sussex NJ”



One comment on “1943 MB Tub NJ **SOLD**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    The seller makes an excellent case for the value of the tub… and was smart to itemize the “fiddly bits” (brackets, snaps, fasteners, etc.) that can really run up your cost.
    But out West you can still score an original tub for well under $1000… although probably not in as good of condition as this one claims to be. The ’43 tub I bought for $400 cost me that much more for the rear panel and would easily cost as much as this to get it to this condition if I had to pay anyone for 50+/- hours it will take to get it “right”.
    It would be great to learn how well this pricing strategy pays off.

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