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1953 M-38A1 Jackson, CA $5000


Doesn’t run and the key is lost, but could still be worth a look. Might have been ex fire jeep given all the red paint.

“I have a 1953 willy’s m38. It has 40,000 original miles. I’ve owned it for about 6 month. Absolutely no rust. The gentleman I bought it from had it since 1963. It does run but I lost the key and battery is dead. It has a brand new warn m8000 winch on the front. Seats are in great shape and tires hold air. Bill of sale only as the man I bought it from lost the title.”

1953-m38a1-jackson-ca1 1953-m38a1-jackson-ca2


3 Comments on “1953 M-38A1 Jackson, CA $5000

  1. Mark S.

    Actually a M38A1, looks like it has a WWII tandem tow bar adapted to it, Maybe they were still used on the M38A1.

  2. Mark S.

    OK, now I am going to be really picky, is the proper nomenclature M-38A1 or M38A1. I have seen it both ways, the dash plates use M38A1, but many times M-38A1 is used. I am not sure if govt. documents ever use the hyphen. It is not a problem on this friendly website, but might be a problem in some circles. I would just like to find the definitive answer, if anyone knows.

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