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Year? GPW Salado, TX $4350


UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/22/2017) Needs some work.

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“For Sale: 1942-1944 Ford Open Jeep. Clear Texas Blue Title. This is a Jeep that was probably assembled out of many different Jeeps at some point. The frame is MB, M2 mount is in the frame, tub floor shows it, front square cross-member confirms it is a Ford.
The Jeep has a Ford GPW body, shown by the embossings in the tool compartment lids. The windshield frame and front grill are CJ2A/3A stamped “Willys.” The right front fender is Ford GPW.
The L134 Flat head Willys “Go Devil” motor is correct vintage for the jeep, 1944-1951.
L134 Flat head purrs like a kitten. The Jeep drives excellent and has plenty of power. It stops on a dime on the original 9 inch brakes. In several pictures you can see the Jeep pulling a 600 lb trailer carrying 14 fifty lb bags of sand. In low range, 1st gear, this jeep tows this load up a 35 degree incline on an unimproved road, off road, with no issues.
I am using a boat (plastic) tank in place of the original military gas tank.
The body needs work, but you’ve got an excellent platform for restoration, or just drive it and have fun. This would be, in my opinion, the ultimate father-son project.
The known faults are that the front drive shaft transfer case output bearing is worn, or the shaft itself is not perfectly straight and or the shaft bearing is worn (you can see it rotate off center through the transmission shift linkage). This affects nothing, just letting you know what I know. The right front hub bearing howls a little at 30+ mph. The jeep L134 Willys Motor has a little valve clatter at 40+ mph. The second gear of the T-90 has a little “click” down shifting from third to second, (syncro is worn), but transmission holds beautifully in all gears. The tires are all old and are all non-original 15 inch by 8″ rims. I do have a set of 16’s I will sell separately.
This jeep starts right up, has the manual choke, runs perfect and performs off road like a tiger.
The Jeep does have Warn hubs, and they do engage and disengage easily. The high and low ranges work flawlessly as well as the in and out for the drive.
The good:
Not one wheel stud broken, brakes are excellent, motor is sound, oil is perfect, the handbrake even works. The Jeep also has a nicely done 12V conversion and a recent battery. The Jeep DOES IN FACT run and drive great. The clutch does not slip at all. The speedometer works! All the lights work, including the ones on the dash. The Jeep currently has a 2″ ball installed which will go with the Jeep.
The bad:
The Ford tub has been modified. To the untrained eye, it is not noticeable. However, the tub body on each side as you exit the seats has/have been cut and sectioned rearward–to get in and out easier. Unfortunately this is a fact, a repair here on each side will require sheet metal welding work to bring the tub back to original. The rear bumper is welded as installed, is not original, and the original hitch plate has been welded over with the hitch installed as shown–it’s very stout, and the welding is very good, just isn’t stock. The floor boards have all had different types/gauges of metal installed over the original floor, so this means the original floor is bad–and to what extent, I have no way of knowing. The entire oil-bath air filter assembly is missing, as are the connecting tubes, oil pressure by-pass and cross-over tube. They have been replaced with a below-hood modern paper filament air filter.
Text or voice call for more pictures and or an appointment to come and look at it AND drive it. CASH only, no checks.
Offers via text without voice calls will be deleted.
*If you’re reading this add, the jeep you see pictured is still for sale.”



3 Comments on “Year? GPW Salado, TX $4350

  1. Dave

    “This is a Jeep that was probably assembled out of many different Jeeps at some point”.
    Funny that it’s for sale in Salado, TX. 🙂

  2. Mark

    Does the firewood come with the Jeep? Everything you need to get outside and enjoy mother nature!

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